What Does True Love Feel Like? 8 People Describe That Can’t Eat, Can’t Sleep Feeling

I’ve grown up on rom-coms, but I’m not so sure true love is like what I’ve seen in the movies. For one thing, it happens in 3D, and movies are (mostly in 2D). For another thing, it lasts longer than two hours, and movies almost never do that! So, if movies aren’t a perfect depiction, then what does true love feel like? I spoke with several women who’ve been there — the ups, the downs, the sleeplessness, the passion — and they shared their stories about that thing 50 First Dates makes a valiant effort to describe.

True love is different for everyone, and there’s no single way to tell. If you feel like you’re in love, then that’s all you need to know. Still, hearing the stories of others in love can help you to understand your own feelings. I’ve been in love before, and it comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, I notice it not because of what I do feel, but because of what I don’t feel — fear, insecurity, anxiety. No matter what form love takes for you, your heart may warm when you hear about the stories of others who’ve had it for themselves.

Read on to find eight touching stories of what real true love feels like.

1. Good Drama

— Adrienne, 21

2. Home Is Where The Heart Is

— Steve, 41

3. A Shared Sobriety

— Tawny, 33

4. Stopping The Fantasies

— Karen, 28

5. Maximum Comfort

— Claudia, 24

6. No More Buzz

— Laura, 30

7. Love Listens

— Alessandra, 31

8. No Fear

— Jessica, 34

So there you have it — love comes in all shapes and sizes. There’s no single perfect way to know you’re in love, but when you know, you’ll know. If you grew up on rom-coms like I did, you might assume that love is what comes after you eat two gallons of ice cream, or maybe that’s just for Sandra Bullock. Whether you’re in love or not, enjoy these stories, and just know that you’ll feel that magical, true love feeling for yourself soon (or right now!).

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