What happens when you leave the Love Island villa – from second villa to weigh in

During this year’sLove Islandformer contestants have been using their online platforms to share some behind the scenes information with viewers.

In particular,Amy Harthas been sharing many snippets of her time in the villa and recently told fanshow contestants get their laundry donewhile on the show.

She’s not the only one to speak out and in a very honest video posted to TikTok,Sharon Gaffkarevealed how thegirls in the villa look hairless “all the time”despite not having razors.

Sharon, 26, explained that because razors didn’t come for the first week “all of us were a little bit on the prickly side”.

Now, the former Islander has taken to TikTok to answer a pressing fan question; what happens when contestants leave the villa?

One fan asked: “When you leave the villa what happens? Do you go straight to the airport or do you stay a night in a hotel?”

Sharon revealed that those in the villa are “actually three days ahead of you” so what’s shown on the TV has happened a few days in the past.

She explained: “First things first, when you reach the end of the driveway that’s when you reach the end of the villa”.

Sharon explained that those exiting the villa are required to have conversations with production members where she said she had “two cups of tea, mini cheddars and Harribo”.

She added that members of production go through a “Love Island handbook” to help those leaving the show and recalled: “One of the members of production ran in to tell me that Matt Hancock had been caught having an affair because I didn’t know”.

The Love Island medical team come to weigh each contestant which Sharon calls “the worst thing ever” adding “because you’ve done no exercise or no proper exercise and all I did was eat cheese toasties for the whole time I was there”.

Contestants are then taken by security in a car where they film bits for Aftersun which Sharon recalls “takes long”: “By the time you finish you just want to sleep”.

“The security takes you to a separate villa where you’ll have a chaperone,” adds Sharon. “You’ll stay in ‘cast holding’ until your episode is aired”.

Sharon recalls being allowed one phone call home and choosing to phone her dad.

The three days Sharon spent in the separate villa were when she caught “the best tan” during her time in Spain for the series.

She adds: “All I did was drink wine because there was no two drinks a night limit, watch Netflix supervised and eat tons and tons of homemade pasta. It was my first actual proper meal that was home cooked.

“After that once your episode’s been aired I got taken by security in a car to the airport. Security come with you on the flight and when I landed I was given to another member of security who drove me home”.

Sharon, who was on the show last year, said cast holding was the “best three days of my experience” however not having “the voice of god” tell her when to sleep and wake up was “weird”.


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