What I spent in the last year to look like this at 45

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Nicole Smith is a cosmetic injector specialising in injectable treatments aimed at keeping people looking young and fresh. She also looks amazing for her age, 45.

The expert shared all the treatments she has in a year to maintain her glowing and taut skin with her 29K TikTok followers on the account @lipsandlattes. Nicole, who operates out of Los Angeles and Laguna Beach divulged all.

The aesthetic physician assistant shares “all things injectables and anti ageing” with her followers. She said: “I am 45 years old. I’m going to share all the work I’ve had done to my face in the last year and how much it costs.”

She went through the treatments on all the various parts of her face and said: “I’m going to start with my eyebrows. I did an ombre tattoo, this cost $600 (£497.62) with a touch up at two weeks is $300 (£248.81).”

Ombre eyebrows is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo that makes the brow look as though it has been filled in with makeup. The results last, on average, around five years.

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“Second up is Morpheus 8,” Nicole said. This is a micro-needling treatment with radiofrequency that builds collagen and tightens the skin.

“I did three treatments. This cost $1,200 (£995.24) per treatment or you can get a package of three for $3,000 (£2488.11).

“Next is Botox, which gets you a nice brow lift and prevents fine lines and wrinkles to your upper face and crow’s feet. This costs $597 (£495.13) to treat the frown, forehead, and around the eyes.”

Nicole went on: “I also did Sculptra to build natural volume to my lower face where I tend to get hollow and my temples. This is the most expensive but the best investment.”

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Sculptra is a type of injectable cosmetic feature which helps add volume to the face using poly-L-lactic acid. It is most often used for the face but is sometimes used for buttock augmentation, to correct cellulite, or on the elbows and knees.

Nicole said: “The cost is $800 (£663.50) per vial and I did four vials this year. I also did some filler touch-ups to my tear troughs, cheeks, chin, and lips. This is $750 (£622.03) to $850 (£704.96) per syringe and I did about three syringes this year.”

The final amount is $10,247 worth of treatments, or £8,498.55.

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It is important to note that all of these treatments come with serious risks and side effects and should only be carried out by qualified professionals.

Nicole’s fans were thankful for her honest run down of her treatments and what they cost. One commenter wrote: “Thank you for being real and not JLo telling us it’s all olive oil!” Another agreed and said: “We love a transparent queen.”

One commenter, called Nessa, wrote: “You look freaking amazing! Worth every dollar.”

Another, Zelda, wrote: “Thank you for honesty. This definitely a learning experience. You also look amazing & radiant.”

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