Where Is Shannon Flynn Now? ‘Murder Among The Mormons’ Subject, Explained

  • Shannon Flynn was an associate of Mark Hofmann, the bomber who is the subject of the Netflix documentary Murder Among the Mormons.
  • Flynn was an early suspect in the Salt Lake City bombings that Hofmann was eventually convicted for.
  • Flynn’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

Netflix’s Murder Among The Mormons documentary series tells the disturbing story of how a series of package bombs that detonated in Salt Lake City in the mid-1980s were the work of a Mormon man with an agenda.

The man, Mark Hofmann, was actually injured by one of the bombs, eventually leading to his arrest. The series details his life from being a collector of rare Mormon documents to a forger and, eventually, a murderous bomber.

In the series, viewers learn about how Hoffman became jaded with the Mormon religion and started forging documents about the creation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Hofmann fooled even historians, and went on to forge even more documents. However, he was in debt and eventually sent bombs to some of the people he promised rare documents to, including Kathy Sheets and Steve Christensen, who died in the bombings.

Shannon Flynn, a friend and associate of Hofmann in his document dealing business, was initially investigated for the bombings, per the Los Angeles Times, but was not convicted on any charges.

Flynn has since spoken out about the case and his relationship with Hofmann. But where is Shannon Flynn now? Here’s what you need to know.

Flynn was arrested in connection with the murders.

Flynn was listed as a suspect during the investigation and was even arrested in 1985 after police found an illegal automatic weapon, an Uzi submachine gun, in his home, the Los Angeles Times reports. He was never convicted of any crimes related to the bombings due to lack of evidence and Hofmann’s eventually confession.

He participated in a book about his encounters with Hofmann.

Flynn described in the book Shannon Flynn: Inside Look at Mark Hofmann how he didn’t know of Hofmann’s deceit. He also shared details of the case against Hofmann, and personal information about Hofmann.

He visited Hofmann in prison.

The book also discussed how Flynn was one of the few people to visit Hofmann in prison.Flynn told Gospel Tangents that he visited Hofmann in jail, “for about a year or so” after he was imprisoned. “I saw the visiting list for him and it only consisted at that time of me and family members,” Flynn said.

He does not support Hofmann.

In a series of interviews for Gospel Tangents, Flynn said he was no longer friends with Hofmann, who later pled guilty to two counts of second-degree murder in connection with the bombings.

“He is of no value. The world does not need him,” Flynn said. “Even if he could contribute something. We don’t need him.” Flynn also said that Hofmann “needs to spend the rest of his life in jail.”

It’s unclear where Flynn is now.

There’s currently no evidence of Shannon Flynn’s whereabouts.

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