Why Carly & Evan Are The True Champs Of ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

Bachelor in Paradise couples don’t always work out for the better. In fact, more often than not it can end in heartache. However, there are a few matchups that end up becoming long-term love stories and serve as an example future duos hope to aspire to. Carly Waddell and Evan Bass are one such example and indicate that they’re a Paradise success story for the ages. In fact, updates about Carly and Evan prove that these two have never been stronger and may make even the biggest Paradise skeptics start to believe that this process can actually work.

Carly and Evan first met during the third season of Bachelor in Paradise, which filmed and aired back in 2016. And while their relationship started out a little rocky (as many romances on this show tend to do), they were able to emerge from the season completely in love and engaged. They got married a year later in Mexico on the very same beach that they first met and shortly afterward they welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Bella. (Evan also has three older sons from a previous relationship.) However, they aren’t quite done adding to their adorable family. Back in May, the duo announced that Bella would be getting a little sister or brother sometime in November with what is quite possibly the cutest Instagram post to ever exist.

“Beer Belly, Bella Belly, BABY BELLY!!!” Carly captioned the announcement post, which shows Evan, Bella, and Carly all showing off their bellies. “We so SO EXCITED to FINALLY announce Bella’s little brother or sister will be here in November!!!” The shocked look on Bella’s face in the photo is almost too precious for words. (Seriously, how cute is this kid?!) And the pure joy radiating from the image is proof enough that these BiP alums are doing just fine and completely happy with the life that they are building together. Though, during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, both Carly and Evan admitted that they aren’t planning to have more children after this newest addition to the family is born.

"Pregnancy is really hard," Carly explained to the outlet about why they want their second kid together to be their last. "I feel fine now that I’m, like, almost over the hump, but I’m bad that first trimester. I’m just so sick." That’s certainly understandable and something that Evan is fully supportive about, though he does plan on pulling out all the stops for their new baby while he can. "I feel like since it’s our last baby — I need to do the baby some, like, serious justice with a gender reveal and make it epic and massive and ridiculous," Evan shared during the same ET interview. "So I’m waiting on some permits and some permissions. It’s not going to be filmed, I just want to do something epic." (Carly admitted that she already knows the baby’s gender, but is keeping that tidbit to herself for now.)

Along with their growing family, Carly and Evan also remain close friends with several other members of the Bachelor franchise. Carly and Jade Roper are particularly close and co-host a podcast together called Mommies Tell All.

Needless to say, 2019 is proving to be another amazing year for these Paradise alums. Let’s hope that some of the Season 6 couples can go on to have the happily ever after story that Carly and Evan were able to find.

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