Why Meghan Markle’s Celebrity Power Isn’t Actually Hurting the Royal Family

Ever since Meghan Markle joined the royal family, many people have been studying her star power and wondering if her being a celebrity could have negative effects on the royal brand that she is supposed to promote.

Some experts have even advised Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to tone things down before they become full-fledged celebrities and overshadow more important royals like Queen Elizabeth.

However, these worries could also have been overblown. The truth is that, while the royal family rarely sees someone like Meghan Markle in their ranks, her celebrity power isn’t doing any harm. In fact, it’s beneficial for them to have her around. Here’s why.

Meghan Markle is a great public speaker

When she was still a Hollywood actress, Meghan Markle’s job already included a lot of public speaking. She had extensive experience in talking to the press and giving speeches to an audience.

As such, she likely did not need much training in this aspect when becoming the Duchess of Sussex.

“She’s fantastic as a public speaker, she knows exactly how to talk to every single person,” PR expert Nick Ede said.

Since joining the royal family, Meghan Markle has indeed had many opportunities for public speaking and it’s clear that she is a pro. She began speaking to an audience just four months after marrying Prince Harry while Kate Middleton waited almost a year after marrying Prince William.

Additionally, even at her first public speaking event, Meghan impressed everyone by reciting her words from memory without relying on notes.

Meghan knows how to carry herself

Along with being able to give important speeches, Meghan also has another skill that she learned from her acting days — being able to carry herself with grace and poise.

Knowing how to project oneself in a certain way to carve out a public image is not an easy thing to do, but Meghan Markle does not seem to have a problem doing that at all. Whenever she is at an appearance and doing anything from interacting with fans to simply walking towards a destination, she charms everyone almost effortlessly.

She has a huge influence to promote important causes

A big part of Meghan’s celebrity fame is the fact that she is extremely popular, which is important in promoting causes as a royal family member.

Just like other famous royals of the past and present like Princess Diana and Kate Middleton, everything Meghan does gets written and talked about. This means that there’s no doubt many charity organizations appreciate her support since she can reach a wide variety of people.

Her celebrity past also allows Meghan to understand how to stay relevant with the public. Fame in Hollywood is all about calculating one’s moves and knowing how to play the PR game in order to book important jobs. Meghan likely knows how to utilize this knowledge to make sure that people are paying attention to her work as the Duchess of Sussex.

The public doesn’t mind Meghan being a celebrity


While the concerns about Meghan being too much of a celebrity often comes from royal experts and perhaps royal family members behind closed doors, the truth is that many ordinary folks do not mind her status.

When Prince Harry and Meghan launched their own Instagram account (something that worried royal experts as straying a bit from the royal brand), they instantly gained one million followers within just six hours. Clearly, members of the public do not think much about whether the couple was acting too much like celebrities for the royal family, they simply enjoy Harry and Meghan’s presence and want to see more of them.

“Some people probably don’t even think of them as royal,” Ede said. “They just think of them as a glamorous couple, particularly younger people.”

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