Why NOW is the best time to buy a cheap TV – best deals revealed

SHOPPERS can get hundreds of pounds off the price of a TV right now.

Now is the time when TVs which were released last year are at their cheapest price, according to Which?.

That's because the models released last year have gone through a ton of reductions including Black Friday sales, then the January sales.

So they now are being sold at what might be their final reduction price, as newer models start to hit the market.

Obviously the new models will be the latest in technology but if you're not fussed about gadgets and gizmos there are some real savings to be had.

Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk said: “Most people think Black Friday is the best time for TVs.

"But actually, it tends to be Easter Bank Holiday and August Bank Holiday you get the biggest price drops."

If you want to find your own bargain then you should check in the product specifications to find out the model date.

Just remember to compare prices across shops before buying using tools like Google shopper or Kelkoo.

We’ve narrowed down our top picks for discounted TVs available now.

LOGIK 32" Smart TV

  • Was: £199.99 Now: £159 Save: £40.99 – buy now

Before Christmas this TV was priced at nearly £200, but now you can save £41.

JVC TV 32" Inch

  • Was: £229.99 Now: £179.99 Save: £50 – buy now

This 32" TV stayed above £200 even during the January sales this year but with newer, improved models since coming out, the price has been knocked down by £50.

LG 43 inch Smart TV

  • Was: £479 Now: £379 Save: £100 – buy now

This LG model we found on Very has a mega saving of £100.

The TV came out in the range last year but its 2020 price has been massively reduced by more than a quarter, so you can pick up the still high-tech set but cheaper than any on the market this year.

Sony 49inchTV

  • Was: £699 Now: £499 Save: £100 – buy now

This TV that we found on Hughes has a reduction of more than a third off.

The 49" screen even works out as a better deal than its 43" counterpart with both listed as the same price.

You can get the bigger size for no extra expense paid and most of its qualities match up to the newer 2021 models that are on offer now.

Samsung 55inch TV

  • Was: £1,599 Now: £1,099 Save: £500 – buy now

If you're looking to splash a little more cash on your TV upgrade then AO have quality Samsung products but with major discounts.

Because this TV is part of last year's launch, the price you can save on this TV is almost the same price you might be paying for one of our other products in our top list.

So the mega saving is not to be sniffed at.

Samsung 55inch TV

  • Was: £2,799 Now: £1,499 Save: £1,300 – buy now

The final pick in our list is another for making an investment on – this TV has a major £1,300 discount on its original price.

The TV and its impressive roll back has pretty much the same specifications as some of the models launching now/

But you can make a whopping great saving if you aren't as fussed about the "newness" of your TV.

Browsing in-store in shops like Currys and Argos will be possible from April 12.

You can save mega bucks on other tech treats too with our tips including an iPhone 11.

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