Why the Full Moon is the BEST Time to Have Sex

When it comes to your sex life, there are two astrological factors that have a LOT of sway: Venus (including your Venus sign, which essentially reveals your love language), and the Moon, which rules over your moods and feelings. P cool, right?

The Moon also impacts your life through lunar eclipses (which represent major climaxes and endings) and cycles which greatly affect how you feel at a given time. With all these emotions flying around, sex is often thrown into the mix as well! And we all know that often the most memorable, scorchingly-hot bone seshes happen when we’re really in our feels.

So if you’re ready for some outta control bangin’ during the Full Moon (July 16), here are some tips:

Get wet…literally.

Astrologically, the Moon is connected to water sign Cancer, so the obvious connection is duh, getting your butts into some water. Think skinny dipping, extra-hot hot tub hookups, sexy foreplay seshes in the shower, or even just some romantic strolls along the beach/river/wherever your Insta-worthy summer vacay is to really set the mood.

Hit home base at home.

Cancer (represented by the Crab, which looooooves hiding out in its shell) is the most homebody sign of them all, and with Cancer season and Venus in Cancer happening RN as well, you’re probs already feeling extra down to get down in your living room more than anywhere else. Truly, is there anything better than alternating vegging out and macking on each other all day?

Try a lunar Lotus pose.

Lastly, Cancer is a touchy-feely sign that thrives on emotional intimacy and spiritual connection. Sex positions like the Lotus which feature lots of eye contact and give you the chance to make out a bunch are your best bet here. (Bonus points if you’re by a window and can let that sweet, sweet Full Moon light hit you for extra good sex luck.)

Reading this post after the Full Moon cycle ended?

Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty more chances! Here are the other Full Moons happening this year:

Happy sexing!!

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