Wife leaves secret note for surgeon in husbands bum cheeks in outrageous prank

A woman claims to have successfully pranked hospital staff with a secret note she hid in her husband's bum cheeks ahead of a medical procedure.

In a video posted on January 4, @Regina_Phalange1219 is at her husband's side in a hospital and decides to "give the staff something to talk about".

Explaining her antics in the on-screen text, she says: "So my husband had a routine colonoscopy this morning.

"I decided to leave this note between his bum cheeks for the OR staff.

"Not kidding, legit left it there and the doctor found it and opened and read during the procedure and staff were cracking up."

Regina then shows herself writing the tongue-in-cheek note which says: "We've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty."

The quote has become internet-famous since the beginning of 2020 when people began receiving the same spam call – even if they didn't own a car – spawning hundreds of memes about the attempted fraud.

Regina then lifts up the back of her snoozing husband's hospital gown and apparently finds somewhere to stash the message.

The video was watched more than nine million times and people said it had them howling.

One user commented: "As an endoscopy tech please always do this."

"No complaining now when the gynecologist starts chuckling at your next pelvic exam," teased a second user.

Someone else said: "As someone who has worked pathology at an endoscopy centre I would lose it."

Reginas then explains her husband wasn't actually asleep when she put the note there and she had his consent to carry out the prank.

A colonoscopy is when doctors insert a camera on the end of a tube into the rectum and then pass it along the large and small bowel to look for disease or anomalies.

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