Woman baffled by sisters baby name choice as she fears boy would get bullied

Revealing baby names before a birth can be met with a lot of opinion.

And sharing the choices to your family members isn't always a smooth journey.

Now one young woman has been branded a "bad aunt" after sharing her concerns on her pregnant sister's baby name choice.

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The 20-year-old said her sister Emily wants to name her unborn son Buddy.

Then it all went downhill when the woman claimed she thought her sister was "joking" with the name.

Now taking to Reddit, the worried aunt expressed her fears as she believes the boy will get bullied.

She said: "I told Emily that the name Buddy is going to get the child bullied, and that people associate that name with dogs.

"She got very offended, and said that she can name her kid whatever the hell she wants, and said I'm being a bad aunt.

"I didn't intend to offend Emily and tried to talk about it as respectfully as possible.

"If she goes through with it I think she'd be making a mistake and could subject my nephew to bullying. Someone had to say it."

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Although she claimed Buddy is considered to be "an old name in the US', she said her family are from Australia.

In the Land Down Under, Buddy is exclusively associated as a name for pets and a nickname for young boys.

One person advised: "Fellow Aussie here. If it was my friend or family member I would have voiced my concerns too.

"You have done so, now it's time to leave it. In my experience, even if you hate the name, you learn to love it."

Another added: "Unless she asked your opinion, there was no reason to give it.

"But then again, it sounds as if you meant well. So as long as you were polite, you're fine. But you've said it.

"Now that she has heard your opinion and has disagreed, let it go.

"Don't make fun of the name, don't I-told-you-so if he is mocked, nothing. Just concentrate on being a good aunt."

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