Woman Claiming To Be Charles Manson's Daughter Attacks Taco Bell Staff in Racist Meltdown

She warned she was about to bring her husband in; but the best of her familial threats was still to come.

A woman’s racist tirade has gone viral after she warned Taco Bell staff she was the daughter of Charles Manson.

The unnamed woman’s despicable attack on workers at the fast food restaurant in Bolivar, Missouri was captured by stunned customers on August 27.

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Witnesses claimed the woman was furious after accusing employees of ripping her off by not handing over the tacos she claimed she paid for… even though her order was correct.

In the 100-second clip, the woman can be heard berating the workers, even calling them the n-word.

The staff remain calm throughout, and patiently try to explain that she received what she paid for, but the woman is unconvinced.

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“Give me my f–king food motherf–cker!” she yells, before she starts grabbing items from the counter and hurling them across the restaurant, and attempting to push the cash register onto the floor.

“Punk bitch!” she spits, before informing staff she was bringing her “husband in here.”

But the best of her familial threats was still to come.

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“You’re going down punk bitch, you trust me. You f–ked with the wrong motherf–cker,” she warns, walking out. “I’m Charlie f–kin Manson’s daughter.”

“That explains a lot,” the staff member replies, unperturbed.

“I was very impressed how the young employees handled themselves!” the witness who filmed the incident wrote on Facebook, adding that the Bolivar Police Department “also did a fine job shortly after.”

“All because she thought that she was shorted some tacos. (She wasn’t)”

Manson was a cult leader and head of the so-called Manson Family, which was responsible for at least nine murders — including Sharon Tate and her unborn child — and possibly many more.

He is believed to have had three sons, but no confirmed daughters. He died in prison in November 2017, aged 83.

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