Woman defies trolls calling her ‘stupid’ for lifting huge weights while pregnant

A fitness influencer has defied her cruel trolls by posting videos of herself deadlifting and squatting huge weights while being 34 weeks pregnant.

Mum-of-one Yanyah Milutinović, 34, who lives in New York, US, shared her passion for weight-lifting on Instagram but was called "crazy" by trolls, who believed she was harming her unborn baby "for attention".

The fitness coach hit back at the negative comments by showing her impressive pregnant workout routine in a recent clip.

In it, she is seen squatting an impressive 315lbs (142kg) with her baby bump proudly on display.

A trainer assists her from the back as she goes down with the barbell on her shoulders.

She also deadlifts heavy weights and does aerobic exercises, like running on treadmills.

The footage also features some negative comments she received by trolls who said heavyweight exercise could be very dangerous to a pregnant woman.

One of them suggested running and jumping might "injure the baby's tiny neck" while another said she was giving the baby "whiplash".

Yanyah claims to receive anything from three to 10 negative comments every single day.

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She defended herself and wrote in the post: "Imagine if I would have allowed the noise of others OPINIONS drown my inner voice?

"Or that I didn’t have the courage to follow my own heart, knowledge and intuition?

"Imagine if I would have lived my life the way that they would want me to, and that I allowed comments like these to break me down?

"Or dictate my decisions to live a healthy life for myself and my unborn child?

"Several hundreds of comments just like this. Daily, weekly, yearly. For 7 years now, and through two fit pregnancies.”

However, since sharing her latest video, women have reached out to share their support.

"Wow, people are dumb," one wrote. "I am inspired by your strength and consistency."

"It makes me happy that you are calling these judgmental trolls out," added someone else. "You are an inspiration."

A third added: "Love your videos and strength! Currently seven months myself and struggling with intense round ligament pain when I lift heavy most days. Do you have and tips for that??"

Yanyah continues to work out three to six days a week and is having in-person client sessions for up to 12 people every week.

She believes people should focus on "what makes you feel good" and the troll comments are "reflections of insecurities and failures" that the haters want to project on others.

"I'm unbreakable," she said. "The noise of your opinions will never down my inner voice."

According to guidelines set by the NHS, exercise is not dangerous for babies but the general rule is to be able hold a conversation while exercising.

Pregnant women are advised to begin with no more than 15 minutes of continuous exercise, three times a week before gradually increase it to a 30-minute session every day.

But there are some exercises to avoid during pregnancy – contact sports with a risk of being hit such as kickboxing, judo or squash.

It is also not advised to lie flat for long periods, particularly after 16 weeks pregnant.

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