Woman pulls ‘drastic’ Love Island prank on boyfriend for not replying to texts

Waiting all day for someone to reply to your text happens to us all – and sadly there isn’t much you can do about it at times.

But one woman got bitter sweet revenge on her boyfriend when he didn’t reply to one of her messages.

Lily Jade Straw, from Dorchester, came up with a hilarious idea that would force him to talk to her – by lying about going on Love Island.

The 19-year-old took “drastic action” to prank her boyfriend by telling him she had been picked to go to Cape Town to join the other singletons in the villa.

And the funny part is… he completely fell for it.

In a joke text to him, she wrote: “Just to let you know I’ve been asked to go on Love Island and I’ve decided to go take the opportunity.

“I wanted to tell you today but after Saturday I won’t be able to talk to you as I’m going on lockdown. It was nice knowing you.”

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Her boyfriend was massively confused, so we don’t blame him for immediately trying to call her to find out what’s going on.

He then replied: “Answer the phone now.”

She later posted a screenshot of the text conversation on Twitter, writing: “When your boyfriend doesn’t reply for a while drastic actions are the only option.”

Since she shared the tweet yesterday, it secured over 23,500 likes and 2,000 retweets from Twitter users.

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One wrote: “Loool this jokes, imagine what was going through his mind at that time.”

Another added: “That’s actually funny.”

A third said: “HAHAHAHA he was not impressed.”

And a fourth commented: “Why did I not think of this?”

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