Woman reveals hack on to clean dried paint stains from carpet

Stroke of genius! Cleaning enthusiast reveals how to get rid of dried paint stains on carpets and clothes in minutes using hand sanitiser

  • A cleaning-enthusiast revealed how to use hand sanitiser to remove paint stains
  • Lancashire influencer, known as ‘Mrs D’ shared the tip to her Instagram account  
  • Blew the minds of her 44,000 followers desperate to get rid of paint splashes 

A cleaning enthusiast has revealed her tricks to get rid of paint stains on carpet using hand sanitiser. 

The Lancashire influencer, known only as ‘Mrs D’ online, shared the tip to her Instagram account mrs.ds.cleaning.reviews, and explained how liquid or gel sanitiser combats any unsightly stains. 

Sharing a before and after picture of the paint stain completely removed with the sanitiser, she racked up hundreds of likes among her 44,000 impressed followers.

Cleaning enthusiast from Chorley, Mrs Ds shared on Instagram who she got rid of paint stains using hand sanitiser 

Mrs Ds said either liquid or gel sanitiser worked on the stains, as long as it was high in alcohol potency 

Sharing before and after snaps of her stained carpet on the social media platform, Mrs D explained she had been having trouble finding sanitiser amid the coronavirus- induced shortage of the popular product. 

She said: ‘The worst thing about painting your house is finding a few spots of paint on you carpet…or worse you clothes. Never fear all you need is hand sanitizer.’

She added: ‘As you know we recently painted our front door. Even though a sheet was put down we still ended up with a few paint spots on our hall runner.


Mrs Ds explained she always used hand sanitiser to get rid of paint stains, but had had a hard time finding some, given the items was in high demand, due to the coronavirus pandemic 

How to clean paint stains with sanitiser 

1. Spray paint spots with hand sanitizer

2. Gently massage in to the paint using a microfibre cloth

3. Dab until the paint spots are gone 

‘I knew exactly what to do… use hand sanitizer, but unfortunately I had to wait with hand sanitizer being in such a high demand lately it was hard to get hold of.

‘But now that I finally have some I can reveal the perfect tip for removing paint.’

Adding both liquid and gel santisers could be used, she gave instructions on how to use the product.  

‘Hand sanitizer liquid is by far the best, but gel does work exactly the same and the higher the alcohol the better.

‘Just spray the paint spots with hand sanitizer and gently massage in to the paint using a microfibre cloth voila the paint spots are gone.’

The cleaning-wiz fans desperate to get rid of such stains were mind blown by the trick. 


The super-cleaner advised to gently rub the sanitisier on the stain using a microfibre cloth in order to treat it 

Pictured: Mrs Ds stained carpet before she cleaned it with hand sanitiser. The cleaning guru said either liquid or gel sanitiser worked 

‘Morning!!! Wow I didn’t know about that gem of a tip ! My friend was upset she’s got some paint on her carpet , I’ll be sharing this with her,’ one fan wrote.  

‘Oh wow definitely trying this I have just decorated my daughters room and got some little spots on her carpet,’ said another. 

 ‘Game changer!!!! Thanks for the tip,’ said one. 

Mrs Ds followers were mind-blown by the hack. Those desperate to get rid of paint stains themselves vowed to try the trick 

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