Woman shares quick mum hack to pack kids lunches – but some call it lazy

A woman has split opinion for sharing her "quickest mum hack" which shows parents how to make the most of their morning hours.

Chelsea, from Australia, posted the hack on social media but, while some loved it, others called it "lazy".

In the video, she took out a loaf of sliced bread and started spreading butter and putting thin slices of cheese on them.

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"It's the quickest mum hack you ever need to know," she explained.

"Use that bag that the loaf of bread comes in and simply pop in the freezer.

"By the next day, your sandwiches will be frozen and stiff."

The next morning Chelsea took two slices of bread out, suggesting: "Grab yourself a butter knife, separate them and cut them up, then pop them straight into the lunch boxes, saving you time and money.

"Play around your kid's favourite fillings in their sandwiches and let me know how you go!"

The mum claimed she saved up time and money since she used the tip.

"This has certainly saved me from stopping at the bakery on the way to school or sending the kids to school with another lunch order," Chelsea added.

But not all parents appreciated the quick tip.

One wrote: "No thanks, that's gross. I made them fresh the night before and they're totally fine. I have four in school and two at home and honestly, this works just as quick."

Another shared her own experience, saying: "Please don't do this, as a child who had to eat frozen sandwiches from my mum, they were not nice."

"Yuk, not for me, my kids deserve better than frozen butter and cheese sandwiches," a third took a swipe.

But Chelsea defended and replied: "It's a massive time saving hack in our household.

"It's a game-changer when it comes to the morning rush – one less thing to prep in the AM is a massive win for us busy parents.

"As I say always, each to their own."


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