Woman shares two identical snaps to warn of subtle edits on Instagram

An influencer who is on a mission to prove that social media can sometimes be fake has wowed fans with her latest post.

Georgie Clarke has over 727,000 followers on Instagram where she often inspires her legion of fans.

The blogger is on an important mission to prove that what you see online isn't always what it seems.

Now in one of her latest uploads, Georgie shared two identical photos to prove a point about "subtle edits".

She wrote: "Don't get caught out by the subtle edit.

"It's such small changes and adjustments but overall it can really airbrush and perfect an image without audience even noticing!"

In the photo, she shared an original snap along with the same photo which had a "subtle edit".

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She explained to her followers what she had done in the picture on the right.

Georgie said: "I smoothed over my armpit hair, my skin, evened my arms, smoothed over my veins, enlarged my hips."

She continued: "I slimmed my neck, thickened my plait, removed my red eye, smoothed over my face and added a tan and contrast."

The influencer highlighted how when you see a long list like that it's hard to realise how the subtle changes transform the photo.

She warned fans: "So be aware of this when you see images that look almost perfect on here.

"They've probably had very subtle smart changes to still look natural but is still totally unrealistic!"

Since she shared the photo two days ago, Georgie's post racked up over 12,488 likes and thousands of comments.

One wrote: "Gorgeous," while another praised: "This is so so common! You look stunning in the original so there is no need."

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