Woman shows disgusting breast implants after getting them removed 13 years on

A woman has gone viral after sharing a stomach-churning video of her old breast implants.

Bunnie DeFord had the saline implants removed in November 2020 after suspecting they were making her sick.

The content creator, who also hosts the Dumb Blonde podcast, said it was the "best decision" she's ever made while showing her followers on TikTok what the implants become two years after having them taken out of her body.

"I had implants in for 13 years, I started suffering so many symptoms that not one doctor could pinpoint," Bunnie says.

"So I explanted in November 2020 and it has just been sitting. Look at that. That goes inside of a human body.

"Look at the mould. No wonder why women are having so many complications with these things. It’s disgusting."

Visible patches of white fluff can be seen floating in the saline-filled implants, which have turned cloudy with yellow stains.

"It was the best decision I ever made," she added.

"All symptoms went away, except anxiety. I'm also more confident with my naturals.

"Please make sure you talk to someone if you think your implants are causing breast implant illness.

"We don't have to suffer in our quest for perfection, babies."

Some people said they were now convinced not to have breast augmentation surgery.

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"I guess I don't want them anymore," one wrote and a second commented "I wanted some so bad but yeah, that's gonna be a no for me. Thank you for being honest and letting us women know."

According to Cancer Research, women who have implants can develop a rare type of lymphoma of the breast but it is usually easy to treat with surgical removal of the lymphoma and the implant.

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