Woman turns unfurnished sitting room into luxurious lounge by using just £80

A Gloucestershire woman has wowed interiors fanatics with her incredible living room renovation.

Using only paint, stencils, several mirrors, some dado rail (scalloped wood beams) and a new rug she completely transformed the room and made it look palatial.

Dr Danielle Stephens-Lewis, a senior lecturer from Worcester, decided she wanted to replace her living room wallpaper, which was a blue and gold pattern, but wasn’t sure what to do.

Then, she invested in £80 worth of dado rail and a blue paint which was mixed up at B&Q to colour match the curtains which they already had in the room.

In a stroke of genius she first stripped the wallpaper before she painstakingly measured, cut and stuck the dado rail onto her walls to create a faux-panelling effect.

When this was done she painted the walls from floor to ceiling in a stunning steel-blue colour.

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She went further, adding some of the extra dado rail to her mantelpiece before painting the whole fireplace white.

The DIY-er used a stencil and gold paint to create a faux-victorian, Knightsbridge pattern moroccan tile effect at the base of the fireplace.

She put a mirror where the coals would usually lie and places electric candles between it and the fireguard.

Danielle then added a mirror which she already owned to the wall above the fireplace.

She added a selection of rugs which they bought on sale from Wayfair for £50 and other already-owned accessories to the mantle.

The stunning final effect is an exquisitely finished lounge which Danielle posted to the popular Facebook group DIY On A Budget Official.

She said: “Posted the other week about wanting to replace living room paper.

“Decided to go with faux panelling instead. I built up a new mantle and attached the beading and dado rail.”

She added: “Had to reskim the wall which was so time consuming but turned out great. Cost a total of £80 with more left over to do the rest of the room. So happy with the result.”

Her fellow members were aghast at the dramatic transformation which many said they would be trying to emulate.

One said: “This room is totally gorgeous!

“Saving a picture for inspiration in the future if you don’t mind.”

Another commented: “God I wish I had the help to do something like this! Absolutely beautiful!”

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Again someone added: "That’s insanely beautiful and clever!!”

A fourth said: “Looking at this shade of blue made me feel so calm. I love it.”

One person said that the room looked “palatial” and another said it was the best front room he had seen on the page – which has 423,000 users.

Her post has been liked 4,500 thousand times and has 718 admiring comments.

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