Woman who lost job sets up bum-shaped candle business – now shes earned £500k

The coronavirus lockdown ruined many lives and careers back in March 2020.

For one woman, she was one of the hundreds of thousands of people who lost their job after the hospitality industry went down.

Gaby Jones, 26, spent time thinking of her next career step which is when she began crafting candles.

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She had just £300 in her bank account when she told her boyfriend she wanted to make candles, reports MyLondon News.

Setting up in her boyfriend's aunt's kitchen, Gaby, from Chiswick, London, used £300, which is all she had, to set up her business.

Gaby created her first Caïa Candle mould, named after the Roman goddess of fire and women, which celebrates the female form.

She bought the raw materials, melted the wax on the aunt's oven and destroyed countless frying pans and pots in the process.

Gaby said: "We wanted to make a massive candle that no one's done.

"Arguably, people would really say you should start smaller as that would be cheaper to make but we wanted to make a statement.

"We got our first mould made which took all of the £600, it was really expensive. It was a big risk.

"After we sent them out, the reaction was amazing. Within three days we made our money back and were actually profitable."

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Two weeks later, Gaby received an email from Selfridges where she did her first order.

She started the business in June 2020. Within three months, she was taking boxes down to Selfridges worth around £7,000.

The iconic "big bum" candles as Gaby describes them have popped up all over the world.

Stocked in 14 department stores globally, including Selfridges, Harrods, Flannels and many more, Gaby has made an impact.

Even celebrities are getting in on the candles, like Chrissy Teigen, Ferne McCann and Rochelle Humes.

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After getting an even bigger order from Farfetch, Gaby decided making the candles in the aunt's kitchen had gone on for too long.

Four months after launching, they opened up their own studio and have gone on to become a household name.

Gaby said: "I was broke. It was such a big risk setting this up and taking these risks at the beginning is quite a big deal but it paid off.

"Opening our own studio here was a proud accomplishment after seeing where we started.

"After a year we wanted to get into the US market and my boyfriend has a green card, so we just went for it again."

When Gaby lost her job, she never thought in a million years she'd be making a living through selling bum candles.

In two years, she's earned nearly £500,000 with the business.

She concluded: "I think there's something timeless about body shapes and we are constantly evolving which I think is important.

"I'm thankful we never needed to take out any loans.

"We constantly emptied our accounts at the start to do something different and luckily it paid off."

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