Woman who wanted delicate butterfly tattoo ends up with chunky moth she hates

A woman who wanted a "small" butterfly tattoo was left with an inking that looked more like a moth.

After recovering from a session under the needle, TikToker Saya realised it wasn't for her.

Instead of the "delicate" wings she requested, the insect illustration looked more rounded and chunky.

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Saya said: "I got a new tattoo a few weeks ago and now that it's healed I'm realising how much I hate it.

"It's not UGLY it's just not what I wanted and for some reason it's healed really weird."

The clip garnered more than two million views – and many sympathised with Saya.

One TikTok commenter said: “Oh wow. That’s not even close to what you asked for.”

Another said: "It's pretty but too big for that location."

And a third added: "OH HELL NO!"

Saya asked her followers for advice on how to fix the inking.

She captioned the clip: "I don’t necessarily want a cover up but if anyone has any ideas on how to make this look better please let me know. Thanks."

Fans suggested getting the design tweaked – and she's much happier with adjustments a second tattooist made.

They added more shading, a border on the wings of the butterfly and cute foliage in the background.

TikTok users love the finished result.

One wrote: “I think it was meant to be because what you ended up with is fire."


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