Woman with naturally large boobs shares comments she endures from both sexes

A woman has revealed the “annoying” comments she is forced to endure daily because of her “naturally big boobs.”

Katy Potts took to TikTok to detail the crude remarks made to her by random men and women in a clip showing her bust in a low-cut swimsuit.

She claims that “random men” will stare at her, and will say things like: "Nice t*ts luv."

But Katy also claims that she will get comments from women saying: “You should donate some to me", “are they even real?” and “People pay fortunes for those”.

Meanwhile, middle-aged women say: “Your back must get sore. You should probably cover up though.”

She posted the video, captioned: "Truth #bustygirlprobs."

And it would appear that many larger-busted women could relate to her experiences as one woman said: "Never seen anything so relatable in my life."

Another added: “I feel you.”

A third wrote: "I know what this is like."

A fourth said: "OMG I get this too!”, to which Katy replied: “So annoying.”

“OMG, this is too relatable! But you have made me buy this swimsuit – you look amazing xx," a fifth comment said.

But one man tried to defend men's actions by claiming: “Men are biologically programmed to look. if they don’t look that's a red flag.”

Another added: "Women don’t realise it’s part of male DNA & instincts. Goes back to the caveman days & picking a mate."

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The news comes just days after a TikToker revealed that her chest had grown so large that they were crushing her and making her struggle to breathe.

Renee Smith, 24, an events coordinator from Midland, Michigan, in the US, breasts grew enormously during school and she was a DDD cup by the time she finished.

But they had become so heavy that she started developing a cyst on her spine and her chest was being crushed.

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