Woman's tattoo praised by thousands on Twitter after mum wasn't proud of her

21-year-old Alice Lim went viral on Twitter after sharing a conversation with her mother about a tattoo she had created.

Alice is an artist and is currently learning to tattoo. She got to ink her first design on her first customer this week.

She messaged her mum to show her the design, feeling super proud of herself – but unfortunately her mum wasn’t so happy.

Instead of congratulating her, she simply asked: ‘Do you really want to take that path Alice?’

Upset, Alice responded: ‘Alright. I’m proud and was so happy and I wanted to share it with you but thanks for ruining it.’

To which her mum replied: ‘Are you going to finish school?’

Alice took to Twitter to share both the conversation and the picture of the tattoo she had created – a cute knife design.

She wrote: ‘Apparently mother wasn’t proud but I am so hi twitter I’m learning how to tattoo and this is my first one:)’

Alice’s tweet received more than 15,000 retweets and 166,000 likes – and it’s safe to say she’s feeling much happier now.

Alice tells Metro.co.uk that she has been drawing designs on her skin since school, and her mother always knew she wanted to have tattoos but refused to let her get one.

In regards to actually inking her first tattoo on a customer, Alice said: ‘I was really excited about it because I was finally doing something with my art besides selling the designs and I had mentioned that I wanted to learn how to tattoo many times before, so I expected her to at least be excited for me to go on and do what I’ve always wanted to do.

‘So when she reacted that way it really shot me down because I want nothing more than to make my mother proud.

‘What sucks about blowing up on Twitter though is that people assume a lot of things and don’t understand that I am in no way saying my mom isn’t supportive. I just said she wasn’t proud of me for this and that it sucked.’

When Alice first tweeted out the conversation, she expected just a ‘normal’ amount of likes and started ‘freaking out’ when it went viral.

She explained: ‘I started freaking out because it was cool and exciting but also because it made me vulnerable to criticism that I’m not sure I was ready for.

‘I have had a lot of art requests, it’s been absolute madness but I love it and feel like I’m finally going towards my dream of being an artist like my grandpa, but in my own way.’

Luckily, Alice and her mum are doing just fine now, and have made up.

Alice tells us: ‘Mama and I are fine now.

‘She still doesn’t support this dream of mine but it kind of makes me want to work super hard to make her proud hopefully soon.

‘I’m sure she’ll come around once she sees how happy I am, and that I am in fact not even considering dropping out of school!’

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