Worlds first bionic penis man told doctors he wanted 10-inch member

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    The world's first bionic penis man spilled on his plastic surgery procedure where he was fitted an artificial member.

    Mo Abad, from Edinburgh, lost his genitals when he was dragged 600 years under a car after falling in the road as a kid.

    The 48-year-old spent six years in and out of the hospital where "doctors did everything they could but save his penis".

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    After the incident he remained without a penis until he was given hope by a plastic surgeon towards his late 30s.

    The doctor said he finally had the means to give him a new penis having seen Mo previously many years ago.

    And in 2017, he was fitted with a £70,000 state-of-the-art bionic penis which enabled him to finally lose his virginity.

    Now with his fully functioning bionic member, Mo revealed the moment he was told he'd be getting a penis.

    Mo told LADbible he was "nervous" but also "excited at the time" of his phalloplasty procedure.

    His phalloplasty procedure involved doctors taking skin from his arm before constructing a penis out of it.

    He said an implant was then placed into a device to allow him with his bionic penis to have sex.

    And it turns out Mo could have had the opportunity to choose the size of his schlong.

    He admitted: "I could have said to him I want a 10-inch one."

    However doctors looked at his arm and estimated the size which turned out to be an impressive 8in.

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    But at the time he was just so grateful to be getting a penis so he didn't want to be fussy.

    Mo even got a "special referral" from the NHS which allowed him to get the £70,000 operation for free.

    And following the procedure, he said he finally felt like a "proper man".

    He added: "The thing I was most looking forward to was standing and having a pee."

    Two weeks after the operation, Mo was finally able to experience an erection as he laughed: "I got it up.

    "But I couldn't get it down again."

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