You Can Get This Exercise Bike for Less Than $400 on Amazon Right Now

Cyclists, rejoice! Right now, the Women’s Health/Men’s Health exercise bike is discounted on Amazon, down to $399.00 from $549.00. It’s a great starter cycling bike with 14 resistance levels, smart workout tracking, and at 300 pounds, is light enough for most apartments but stable enough not to flip over while riding.

With 14 resistance levels, the bike can be used by beginners and longtime cyclists alike. There’s a smart cycling knob built in so you can control your speed, distance, watts and calories, and all of that is trackable on the MyCloudFitness App.

If you want to take your workout tracking to the next level, you can follow along with personal trainers in the the app for $14.99/month, with a monthlong free trial. You can also take rowing, bodyweight, and yoga classes to supplement your cycling workouts.

Another fun feature is the ability to follow scenic workouts on your television screen, allowing you to travel to Paris, New York’s Central Park, or the other destinations we won’t be traveling to this winter.

The reviews on Amazon are positive, with one reviewer noting that he added a gel bike seat to make it more comfortable, while a different reviewer said, ”The seat is large and comfortable.”

In terms of assembly, it’s also pretty user-friendly. “Bike comes with mechanical (fly wheel, belts, resistance, etc) already put together,” one reviewer wrote. “Just install stabilizer bars, pedals, seat, handle bar. Must use an app to get calorie, distance, etc info. App also has workouts you can do if you sign up for monthly subscription. I just set a timer and get on and start pedaling. Handle bar is great for holding phone or tablet.”

At less than $400 right now, this bike is definitely a steal.

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