You’ve been applying deodorant all wrong – you're supposed to do it at a specific time

WHO would have thought that, since hitting puberty, you've been using deodorant all wrong.

Well, turns out you're simply putting it on at the wrong time.

A TikTok star made the shocking revelation on social media, claiming everyone over 30 should know it by now.

The man who goes by Sid on the internet said in his video: "Here's something I wish I would have known before my 30s.

"You're supposed to apply deodorant at night!"

And he is actually right.

If you check the directions on the back of your deodorant, it indeed says you should apply it at night.

And many deodorant companies have the explanation on their websites as well.

According to the Arm and Hammer website, "the time of day that you apply antiperspirant matters because your body has natural rhythms that affect when you sweat."

They explained that, at night, your body temperature drops and you sweat less. This means that it's easier for the body to absorb when you apply antiperspirant at night because your sweat glands are less active.

"Giving your body time to absorb the sweat-blocking ingredients in antiperspirant is also a consideration for when you should apply it," they explained.

"If you put on antiperspirant before you go to bed, you give your body several hours while you sleep to block the sweat ducts before they also awaken."

Following Sid's video, many took to the comment section to wonder if they were even doing anything right at this point.

One person wrote: "I don't even know if I'm breathing right anymore."

A second shared: "I thought I was meant to give my skin a break at night from any product so it's healthier?"

And a third added: "I started putting on deodorant at night and it's been amazing!"

So, there you have it, folks. Try switching it up for better results.

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