10 Johnny Depp Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

Johnny Depp has starred in numerous bizarre roles, like Pirates of the Carribean, Edward Scissorhands, and Alice in Wonderland. This makes him the perfect candidate for meme culture, as they take some of his best moments and turn them into something great. Whether it be Captain Jack Sparrow or Willy Wonka himself, they have us laughing for hours.

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We have scoured the internet and uncovered some of the greatest memes featuring Johnny Depp that fans have created. There are so many works to choose from and a ton of great lines that have been turned into iconic memes. Keep reading to learn about 10 Johnny Depp memes that are too hilarious for words!

10 Grandpa’s Have Flashbacks

Fireworks might seem enjoyable to little children, but to adults, it isn’t always something they want to be around. These spectacles of light can trigger veterans who spent time on the front lines.

Depp reminds us of this in this meme during his role as a strange Willy Wonka. It showcases the inner workings of the human brain as we subconsciously slip back to past events that had a profound impact on our lives.

9 A GPS Isn’t Always Easy To Follow

We have all used a GPS at one point or another to help us find our next destination. They can be very cryptic at times when they tell us to make our next turn in so many kilometers or feet.

It usually causes us to miss our turn, and some other unfortunate souls even end up in lakes or ditches. We are often left scratching our heads when using these machines that are supposed to be helpful, and Depp captures our feelings perfectly in this meme.

8 The Internet Isn’t Always Forgiving

Many people choose to share their ideas and opinions on the internet, and it is often met with waves of criticism. This often happens to celebrities who share their ideas, but even average people have the ability to be roasted.

Depp comforts the young boy in this image who discovered how mean and unforgiving the internet can be to newcomers. Many people are shocked by the ferocity of those who hide behind a screen, and everyone learns that eventually, it is better not to say anything at all.

7 Depp’s Jar Of Dirt Wins This Battle

This was a battle between Loki and the Avengers, but Captain Jack Sparrow decided to jump in. They named their biggest weapons, like an army and the Hulk, and Depp shared his jar of dirt with the community.

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This specimen was created by the Tia Dalma to protect him from Davy Jones, and it worked for a time. The jar did eventually shatter and Jack was eaten by a Kraken, but it did serve as a great weapon against his foe until this unfortunate event.

6 He Gives Fashion Advice

Jack was fairly trendy in the Pirates of the Carribean movies with his typical garb, dreadlocks, and trinkets. This is why he is the perfect man for the job when deciding if an outfit works together.

His weird motions also give a sense of disapproval, and apparently this girl needs to find a new wardrobe if she wants to impress him. There are so many situations where a need for a meme like this arises as friends, family members, and even our enemies make choices that turn into fashion disasters.

5 Captain Jack Sparrow Didn’t Always Have Dreads

Captain Jack Sparrow was known for his messy dreadlocks that looked like he hadn’t washed since his first night on the sea. Since this movie, he has become a head & shoulders supporter as it gave him gorgeous locks that anyone would kill to have.

The before and after pictures are extraordinary as we strive to look this good every single day. It is hard not to laugh when you see it though as we realize that Depp can pull off any look thrown his way.

4 Forrest Gump Was Slow To Comprehend

Forrest Gump was known for his long run, and now it was turned into a mem with Johnny Depp. Captain Jack Sparrow was known for his obsession with rum, and now this play on words has Gump more confused than ever before.

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We wonder if Forrest had the urge to run after this interaction, or if he took a swig out of the bottle. The world may never know, but we are aware that we have been left with a meme that is as good as gold.

3 Saved Games Can Be Hard To Jump Into

If you have ever played a game before and saved it, then came back to it months later then this meme will probably speak to you. It cna be difficult to remember exactly where you left off and what you had planned to do next.

You might be a higher level that gave you new skills that you forgot how to use, and it feels a bit like Depp’s face in this meme. It feels like we are lightyears away from where we were when we first started and it can almost be futile to continue on when so much time has passed in between gameplay.

2 Our Friends Aren’t Always The Brightest

There are many of us with friends who have a broken bulb in their upstairs. The worst is when certain words come out of their mouth and you start to wonder why you are friends at all.

The words they say are so dumb that they must be kidding, and a part of you dies when you realize that they think the words they said were intelligent. We love them anyway as we try to educate them on how things are in life, but sometimes they can be a lost cause.

1 Naps Don’t Always Last 30 Minutes

We have all laid down for a midday nap that we thought would only take about 30 minutes until we wake up and realize its dark outside. It feels like days have passed rather than hours as we wipe the drool from away from our chins.

Depp’s facial expression describes us perfectly as we try to comprehend what is going on. It can be frightening as you try to run through all the things you were supposed to do and think about how little time you have left to complete them.

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