10 Most Hilarious Autocorrect Fails Of The Decade, Ranked By Embarrassment Level

Grammar can be extremely tricky, especially on the Internet. Often times, throughout our written prose we can find irreversible mistakes. Thankfully, tools like autocorrect step in to help us modify our speech so we may convey exactly what we intended to, mistake-free. Despite autocorrect’s effectiveness, it is important to highlight the fact that no device is absolutely perfect. Sometimes, autocorrect can be the one getting us in trouble with its highly effective correction strategies.

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You may often find yourself sending a “duck” instead of the original profanity you intended to use. And this type of mistake can be enough to make you completely lose it. Just so you do not feel too bad about your own personal situation, you may want to take a look at this list of the 10 most hilarious autocorrect fails of the decade. These are ranked by embarrassment levels because that is just what autocorrect fails to do best–they totally shame and humiliate us! A big thanks to Buzzfeed!, Autocorrectfail, and Freemake for sourcing this compilation.

10 Pretty dimples

First dates are absolutely nerve-wracking and once that first step has been taken, there is no way to tell if all has gone well or wrong. In the case of this specific texter, Scott, it appears things taken a wrong turn due to a simple autocorrect mishap. Here, Scott’s phone confuses his date’s dimples with nipples and we can only imagine where the conversation went to next. Hopefully, she called him back. And didn’t find a way to digitally slap him.

9 Human beef, anyone?

Grocery shopping can be a tedious task that makes us prone to forgetfulness. Indeed, it seems no matter how many notes we make on grocery lists or take-out, we always tend to forget a few things. Luckily, some of us can count on our friends, relatives or significant others to remind us of what’s missing. In this case, our texter was the victim of an autocorrect mishap which had the recipient anticipate a strange meal option for dinner. Human beef, anyone?

8 Period Red

Some people love picking out color palettes. For these folks it’s not a chore, it’s an adventure and the best part about renovating and decorating a house or the walls of a room. Things can get a little tricky, however, when we try to describe a certain shade of red, and our unfortunate texter experienced this first hand. Here, our texter’s autocorrect decided to spice things up in the conversation by adding changing the dazzling color of Persian red to period red. Yikes.

7 Missing Someone

When you miss someone, it can be funny how many things remind you of them. And if you are lucky enough to possess some clothes worn by the object of your affections, you may find simple satisfaction from keeping the item with you until their return.

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That is exactly how our texter felt, but Charlie did not get to see things this way because of his autocorrect’s fail. Our poor texter let their significant other know they kept their defecation as memorabilia. We do not think the word “embarrassing” describes this situation anymore. Mortification? Humiliation? Coprotiation? Whatever, it’s bad.

6 You’re So Fatter

Getting your friends together in a group chat is definitely a perk of today’s modern phone technology. You get to talk to all your friends at once, share laughs, and most importantly, memes. In this case, our texter made the mistake of calling their friend “fat” rather than “far.” Leave it up to autocorrect to turn an innocent statement into something absolutely offensive. Luckily, the recipient of the message understood and still kept things amicable. Or chose this moment to secretly swear food-based revenge.

5 Chicken what…?

Are you in the mood for something specific at dinner time? Perhaps you’re looking to cook something special for you and your significant other. If that is the case, you might want to make sure autocorrect does not completely switch the meaning of what you originally meant. Here, our texter experienced an embarrassing autocorrect fail that had their lover think they were getting an odd (and nonexistent) part of the chicken for dinner.

4 Disney vs. Divorce

Surprise! We’re going to Disney. How fun would that sound? Well, that is, of course, if autocorrect does not pass by and completely change the meaning intended.

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Once more, we see a hilarious error wherein our texter originally thought their parents were getting a divorce. There definitely is a huge difference between the two.

3 Genital thunderstorm

Have you ever had trouble sleeping? Counting sheep may be one of the things you do to find that sweet spot that’ll bring you into a deep slumber. Our unfortunate texter was thinking of different ways to fall asleep and it appears they may have found one that autocorrect decided to switch up. In this case, we are considering a genital thunderstorm as a viable option to find relaxation. What do you think? Does it sound efficient or merely terrifying?

2 I wuff you!

Professing your love to someone via text message can be very comical if the sender happens to be drunk. Our texter here attempted to do so, but autocorrect would simply not let them complete their thought. Instead of saying “love,” autocorrect continuously changed the word to “wuff.” And while we are certain the sender was not a dog, we can only laugh imagining the sender’s reaction to the ordeal.

1 Autocucumber


Autocorrect surely has a way to get each of us, and this entire list has shown us exactly how. Even in a scenario wherein you attempt to mention the word “autocorrect,” the not-so-witty feature manages to do it all wrong. Here, our texter found themselves in quite the predicament after autocorrect resulted in a series of errors. And in the end, with much furry, they saw their mention of “autocorrect” turned into “auto cucumber.” Hilarious.

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