10 Surprising Facts You Never Knew About Courteney Cox’s Career

With a starring role on one of the most successful TV shows of all time, Courteney Cox has had a career that most actors would envy. She won the role of Monica Geller back in the early 1990s, shooting to fame on an international scale along with her Friends co-stars.

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While the show made headlines for the decade that it was on the air (and for many years after), the other career moves that Cox and her co-stars make don’t always receive the same recognition. Keep reading to find out 10 surprising facts you never knew about Courteney Cox’s career.

10 She Rose To Fame With The Help Of A Rock Star

There’s no denying that Courteney Cox became a household name after starring on the hit sitcom Friends as Monica Geller, the uptight and clean-freak sister of Ross Geller. But she rose to fame before ever appearing on Friends. In fact, she got her first taste of the stars all the way back in 1984, when she appeared in Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Dancing in the Dark’ music video.

If you watch the video, it’s easy to spot Cox. She plays the young girl that the rock star pulls on stage at the St. Paul Civic Center to dance with.

9 Originally, She Auditioned For Rachel

This is a fact that will blow your mind if you’re a Friends fan. We’ve known Cox as Monica for so long that it’s hard to imagine her playing any other role on the show. But originally, she auditioned for the part of Rachel Green, which eventually went to Jennifer Aniston.

Though there are still a lot of differences between Monica and Cox, she was a much better fit for Monica than she was for Rachel, and the producers saw that. And thank goodness! Friends would have been unrecognizable if Cox had played Rachel.

8 She Was The Most Famous Friend To Start With

All six of the main Friends cast members rose to international stardom after the sitcom took off. It is still regarded as one of the most popular TV shows of all time, and each cast member is revered among the general public for the role that they played in the sitcom. But out of all the show’s starring actors, Courteney Cox was the most famous before the show aired.

After appearing in the Bruce Springsteen video, she had had already appeared in the 1990 movie Mr. Destiny, as well as on the TV show Seinfeld.

7 She Met Her Husband On Set

Possibly meeting your future husband is a great reason to go to work! While filming the major slasher flicks Scream in 1996, Cox met co-star David Arquette, who played her love interest, Dwight Dewey Riley. The pair hit it off and were married in San Francisco three years later in 1999.

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Cox married Arquette during the filming of Friends. To pay tribute to her wedding, the opening credits of the episode after she got married feature all the actors’ names with –Arquette on the end, just like Cox’s was.

6 She’s Picky About What Scripts She Agrees To

No longer an aspiring actress, Cox has established a name for herself in the film and television business, which means she can afford to be a little pickier as far as accepting scripts goes. In an interview with Elle, she revealed that she doesn’t sign on to every project that comes her way. Instead, she’s very particular about what roles she takes on. That’s not a bad way to be!

“… but every time I read a script I’m surprised at how I just don’t relate at all,” she confessed. “I’m very specific.”

5 She Nearly Played Another Iconic TV Character

The chance to play a character like Monica Geller doesn’t come around very often. But for Cox, the opportunity to star on such a successful came around not once, but twice. After Friends finished filming, producer Marc Cherry approached Cox to see if she was interested in playing the main character on a TV show he was developing: Desperate Housewives.

Cherry envisioned Cox portraying the ditzy and hopeless romantic Susan Mayer. But due to Cox’s pregnancy, she had to decline the role. It later went to Teri Hatcher.

4 Growing Up, She Didn’t Want To Be An Actor

Many actors can tell you the exact moment that they realized they wanted to be in show business. For most of them, that moment came along very early on during childhood. But when Courteney Cox was growing up, she had no ambitions of being an actor.

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According to an interview that Cox did with The Guardian, she had dreams of becoming something completely different: An architect. She actually started studying at college to become an architect before she realized that she wanted to pursue acting instead. Good choice!

3 She Doesn’t Believe ‘Friends’ Was Her Best Work

This may be hard for many Friends fans to swallow, but Cox doesn’t look back at Friends as being her very best work. Even though we can’t find anything wrong with her performance as Monica Geller, it is true that Cox was young and at the beginning of her career when she took the role. It’s only natural that actors get better as the years go on.

Cox revealed to Elle that she thinks she’s a better actor now because she’s more grounded and better able to tap into her own emotions.

2 Expressing Herself Has Been Easier Through Directing Than Acting

Although Cox is an extremely talented actress, her skills don’t stop there. She is also a director and has directed several successful projects. In an interview, Cox explained that sometimes it’s actually easier for her to express her true self through directing than it is through acting.

“I think I get to express myself more in directing than I have [in acting],” she explained. However, that might be because of the roles she’s accepted so far. It could be different in the future, depending on where she takes her acting. “I’d like to do other things in acting that I’ve not done.”

1 She Had To Change A Lot To Play Monica

Of course, there are a few similarities between Courteney Cox and Monica Geller. Even though many fans will never actually be able to separate the two women, they are not the same. In fact, Cox had to change quite a bit of herself to play Monica.

“I’m very neat, but I’m not as clean as Monica,” she told Elle. “I might be a little ore surface neat. Monica is also very, very competitive and, even though my fiancé [Johnny McDaid] says I’m competitive, I don’t think I am.”

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