Alison Hammond says mortifying Matt Damon moment led her to gastric band

This Morning star Alison Hammond has revealed a very embarrassing moment when she met with Hollywood actor Matt Damon.

The presenter has recently opened up about the event in her column for The Sun, in which she laid bare her thoughts and feelings on the 'mortifying' moment.

In 2007, she sat down with Matt Damon to interview him about his third Bourne film, The Bourne Ultimatum, but started to notice something was wrong.

As she chatted away to him, she realised that her chair felt a bit tight but carried on with the conversation.

After being so pleased to meet him, disaster struck and made her subject to an 'awful' and 'embarrassing' moment.

Alison revealed in her column: "My size and weight went against me and suddenly the side of the chair broke. It was a horrible, shameful moment.

"My girth had broken the chair while I was interviewing Matt Damon, one of my idols! I was mortified. I wanted the world to swallow me.

“'Are you OK?' he asked. He was very nice about it. 'Let’s get you another chair.'

"I’m a black woman, but I went bright red in the face."

Alison then revealed that she ripped the arm off the chair and flung it onto the floor.

Luckily, this made the actor laugh and instead of bursting into tears she started laughing as well and carried on with the interview.

After she wrapped up the chat, her producer said to her how funny that was but Alison explained that she was just purely mortified and asked them to keep it off the TV.

Reflecting on that moment, she explained that it was the moment in her life that urged her to get a gastric band as she didn't want to be "fat anymore".

The host then had an operation later that year and said it worked physically, it worked, but mentally she found it extremely difficult.

Talking about her surgery experience, she said: "It didn’t feel right to be eating so little, and although having a gastric band is supposed to make you feel full quicker, I was eating salad and still feeling hungry afterwards."

During the time she had the band fixed inside her stomach, it started going wrong physically and she was sick a lot and struggled to keep food down.

Alison kept the band for two years until it was getting to the point where she couldn’t even keep down one bite of food and decided enough was enough and got rid of it.

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