Ava Max Went Outside Her 'Comfort Zone' with Her New Music Video: It's 'My Most Risqué' Yet

Volume to the Max!

On Thursday, Ava Max released the music video for her instant hit "My Head & My Heart" — and she talks to People (the TV Show!) about filming the video.

"The music video is a full-out dance video. From top to bottom, it feels like early 2000s dance, '90s inspired," the 27-year-old tells PEOPLE. "I have a love interest and it gets kind of frisky."

"It's my most risqué video that I've ever had," she adds. "I went outside of my comfort zone a little but it looks really cool."

Max, who was chosen as One to Watch by PEOPLE last year, says she really saw the setting for this song's video in a club — and she hopes it gets her fans moving too, even as they stay at home.

"The song called for it and I really go with what the song calls for visually. When I'm writing the song, I see what the video needs to be in my head. And I really saw it in a club, just going wild and being torn for this one guy between my head and my heart," she says with a laugh, referring to the song's lyrics.

"I hope people can dance in their living rooms, turn off the lights and pretend they're in a club and hanging out with other bodies," she adds. "It's so weird. We don't remember what that's like: hugging people and shaking hands and little things."


While filming the music video, Max says those on set were COVID tested three times, along with temperature checks. "It's pretty insane," she says.

Max also reflects on her skyrocketing career, espieclaly with her track "Sweet But Psycho," which has more than a billion plays on Spotify.

"My entire life I've always wanted to do this and then "Sweet But Psycho" comes along and changes my entire life," she says. "Fifteen years of like trying to make it and making music, [then] there's one song just explodes. I mean, you really don't know how to act."

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