Blueface Called ‘Disrespectful’ and Compared to R. Kelly for Peeing on Crowd With Bottled Water

The ‘Respect My Cryppin’ rapper receives a lot of angry comments on the internet for pouring bottled water from his crotch on concergoers during a live performance.

AceShowbiz -Rapper Blueface raised eyebrows as he posted a clip of his vulgar stage act from one of his live performances. In the video, he held a bottled water with its cap off over his crotch and poured it on his crowd, making it look like he was peeing on his fans. “Yo fav rapper show < blueface show,” he wrote in the caption.

Many people were disgusted by the rapper’s act. “Either way he ISN’T a FAVORITE anything,” one wrote. “Disrespectful,” another slammed him. A perplexed individual commented, “What the heck.” Some others compared him to the troubled R&B singer who was jailed for multiple sexual abuse accusations, “He doing the R. Kelly.”

More unfavorable comments: “That’s not even funny,” “Bye,” “Wtfff I would’ve been pissed even if it blueface,” “Lmao he tryn ruin his career low key,” “What’s wrong with these girls thinking this is cute. The disrespect,” “He’s a clown,” “This embarrassing to watch [frown] fkn cornball,” and “His fans are straight clowns.”

“Any female finding this to be cute, is definitely something wrong with you. No respect. Man treat you how you allow them to treat you,” one person wrote. Another penned, “Lmmfaooo y’all made him Famous because he was cute so now y’all have to deal with his arrogance and stupidity.”

The 22-year-old rapper whose real name is Johnathan Michael Porter is gearing up for the release of his debut studio album “Find the Beat“, but he has been raking up bad reps these past few months. He kicked his mother and sister out of his house and then seemingly justified Nipsey Hussle‘s shooting by Eric Holder. “Why do people like this clown? So disrespectful and a disappointment to Los Angeles. We don’t claim him,” one person said, referring to his bad reputations.

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