Bucks Fizz star Cheryl Baker strapped for cash and forced to grow her own veg

Dancing On Ice star Cheryl Baker has revealed she is facing severe financial problems.

The Bucks Fizz singer, 66, who rose to fame after winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 1981, told how she is "totally broke" and has been forced to grow her own vegetables for food.

Cheryl admitted things are so bad her former Dancing On Ice partner Daniel Whiston and her bandmate Mike Nolan have offered to lend her money.

Her fans have also been donating money to the star after hearing about her financial woes during the pandemic.

The former Record Breakers presenter's finances have taken a huge hit lately as a result of crippling lockdown restrictions.

Cheryl said that she and her guitarist husband Steve Stroud, 68, have grown their own vegetables in recent months in a bid to cut down on their outgoings.

"We ate our own broccoli, carrots and potatoes on Christmas Day," she revealed to The Sun.

"I’ve started planning the veg garden now because I know this spring I still won’t be working.”

Cheryl said she is keeping a positive outlook despite her financial situation.

And she explained she has found "joy" after her 26-year-old twin daughters Kyla and Natalie, and their partners, moved back in during the pandemic.

The star tried and failed to get work using the CelebVM app, where fans pay to receive a personalised message from celebrities.

She was then berated by trolls who accused her of "fleecing her fans".

Cheryl also told of her relief that she is able to receive a state pension – which means she gets £700 a month as well as £250 from a private one.

The former presenter, who has still got her mortgage to pay off, is using her spare time to write an autobiography, which charts the lows of her career and personal life.

It has now been 40 years since Bucks Fizz first stunned the world with their skirt-ripping routine at the Eurovision Song Contest.

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