Controversial Princess Diana song divides fans as lyrics mock her death

A stage version of TV comedy The Windsors could “disrespect the memory of Princess Diana” with a controversial song.

The show, starring Harry Enfield as Prince Charles, is a satire of the royals.

In it a caricature of Camilla Parker Bowles, played by Tracy-Ann Oberman, performs a number about her rivalry with Diana, who died in a crash in 1997.

It brands the late princess a “bimbo” and includes the line: “Boom, she’s dead and it’s like she’s Mother f***ing Theresa."

Camilla also tells Diana: “It’s over, you’re nothing.”

Royal author Margaret Holder warned the song will be seen as an insult to Diana’s memory.

She said: “A lot of people will feel the lyrics go too far and could be upsetting to Diana’s sons and her legions of fans.”

But she added: “On the surface, the words sound tasteless and disrespectful to the memory of Diana but they are in keeping with The Windsors’ Camilla character, who is cruel and scheming.

“The real Camilla had little sympathy for the princess in her lifetime but I doubt she would sing or say anything like this. The show is a comedy and you have to take that into account.”

The song was met with laughter from the crowd at performances last week.

And one fan tweeted: “The Diana Song was hilarious.”

The show has also had rave reviews with one critic saying: “This is a masterclass in British satire.”

But one warned: “If you tend to put the Royal family on a pedestal, you may wish to avoid this.”

The Windsors: Endgame, which is playing at The Prince of Wales Theatre, also pokes fun at other royals including Prince Andrew and Prince William.

Daily Star has contacted the show for comment.

The lyrics go: “She’d swan about on holiday and do the odd fundraiser.

“Then boom, she’s dead and it’s like she’s Mother f***ing Theresa.

“You thought you beat me did you, when you drove off in that hearse? You thought you’d won.

“Diana, I’ve beaten you, Diana, you’re gone, it’s finished, it’s over, you’re nothing.

“People spouting platitudes and Elton f***ing John. That mawkish single went to number one.

“I still can’t knock that dear departed bimbo from her throne.

“I see her face before me, it’s enough to make me cringe.”

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