Does Jennifer Lopez Write Her Own Songs?

Jennifer Lopez. J. Lo. Jenny from the block. No matter what you call her, no one can truly compare to the 50-year-old Puerto Rican entertainer.

The Bronx native can (and has) done it all. She acts, she dances, she sings and she works her tail off no matter what she does.

With all these talents, it easy to question: “Is there anything this woman can’t do?” A quick look at her accomplishments shows that there’s one are the singer really doesn’t get attention for — songwriting. So, does Lopez write her own songs?

Jennifer Lopez has always been an entertainer

It may be her music that ultimately made her a star, but Lopez wasn’t always a famous singer. By now, most people know Lopez got her start as a “fly girl” on the entertainment show In Living Color in 1991. Prior to the 90s, she had a few small acting roles, that didn’t really get any attention. 

Lopez’s big break came in 1997 when she landed the role of Selena in the movie of the same name, depicting the life of the slain singer. Her performance was mesmerizing and she quickly got everyone’s attention. But the world hadn’t seen anything yet. 

By 1999, Lopez released her first album On the 6 and her world would never be the same. The album peaked at number 8, spending 53 weeks on the Billboard charts. From there, Lopez became a global superstar. 

Jennifer Lopez’s biggest hits

There was a time when Lopez’s hits dominated the radio. Over the past two decades, the singer has sold millions of albums and had several number one hits. Her first hit that got it all started, “If You Had My Love,” continues to be a favorite among loyal fans. “I’m Real,” and “Jenny from the Block” also saw huge sales.

Lopez hasn’t released an album since 2014, but she’s found other ways to stay busy. Lopez started a perfume line in 2002 and the business is still going strong with the latest release in 2019.

But most notably, the mother of two has been getting attention for her acting roles. Since her last album, she has appeared in several movies and television shows and recently earned a Golden Globe nomination for her supporting role in Hustlers. 

Does Jennifer Lopez write her own songs?

Many of Lopez’s songs have a personal connection. “Jenny from the Block” obviously references her New York roots and a lot of her songs have a notable Latin influence. So does Lopez write her own songs? Yes and no. 

Lopez is no Taylor Swift. She can’t claim credit to all of her songs, or even the majority of them.

But she is listed as a co-writer on many of her songs. “On the 6” featured four songs in which Lopez helped pen. For her 2001 album, “J. Lo” the artist can be credited for eight songs including hits like “Play” and “Ain’t it Funny.”

Along the way, Lopez has brought in a lot of big-name artists that have helped her craft successful hits. In addition to Sean Combs, Lopez has also performed songs written by Gloria Estefan, Christina Milian, Chris Brown, and Pitbull. 

Lopez may not write all her songs, but she knows how to surround herself with the right people. And over the years, she has contributed more and more to the songwriting process.

At the end of the day, Lopez is a singer, dancer, actress, mother, and entrepreneur. And yes even a songwriter. There’s no wonder she’s one of the richest and most powerful performers in entertainment 

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