Eminem died in 2006 and is android clone in wild new fan conspiracy theory

A new conspiracy has swept the internet, with fans claiming that they believe Eminem died and was replaced by an Andriod clone.

This wild claim accuses the rapper of passing away back in 2006 and being switched with a clone.

Some of his fans believe they have noticed a change in his voice over the years.

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A change in voice could be down to ageing and strain, though – so we don't think being replaced by a clone is a likely factor.

Spanish website La Guía Del Varón also addressed the clone theory and explained how they think he died in a car accident back.

The publication reported in their portals."In 2006, Eminem died in a car accident."

Other fans believe they've noticed a change in his appearance and pointed out a huge change in his jaw shape and overall facial structure.

They wrote: "Yeah I believe he is a clone it doesn't even look like him anymore and his eyes are dead."

Another wrote: "I believe that Eminem's is a clone he doesn't look the same after the so-called accident where he just disappeared for about a year he came back looking different."

While a third penned: "Em died in a car accident 2006… he's been 6th dated like the movie. He stop rapping like Em a long time ago."

However, another argued: "The idea that he's a clone is one of the dumbest conspiracy theories ever. That songs from Tom was one of the worst songs he's put out. As people age, they grow and change as a person."

The theory also points out that since 2006 Eminem has made "significant changes" to the lyrics and his fashion sense – having gone for a "much darker" style.

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In 2019, Tom Macdonald's 'Cloned Rappers' music video sent believers of the warped theory lost their minds when he claimed the "Illuminati took bone samples to clone rappers".

It also said that they then put the real people who were in prison to "silence their vision".

He said: "If they can't control you they erase the old you," before reeling off the names of rappers who have apparently been cloned which included Gucci, Kodak and, of course, Eminem.


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