Eminems kid sister in 8 Mile unrecognisable after fortune & pain 20 years on

When Chloe Greenfield landed a key role in 8 Mile opposite Eminem, it changed her life immeasurably.

Back then, in 2002 when the movie was released, she was a fresh faced, blond haired little girl of just seven years old.

She played Eminem's super cute little sister Lily Smith in the Academy Award winning film.

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Flash forward 20 years to now and she's unrecognisable after experiencing "good fortune" alongside "struggle, big problems, pain and weirdness" over the past two decades.

Directed by Curtis Hanson and written by Scott Silver, 8 Mile, a hard-hitting drama, follows the journey of aspiring rapper Jimmy 'B-Rabbit' Smith, played by Eminem, as he tries to launch a hip hop career.

The film, set in 1995 Detroit, contains autobiographical elements from the life of Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers. On November 8, it will be 20 years since the film’s release.

Greenfield, who is far from the little girl we saw in the movie, is now 27.

Still best known for her role as Lily, she has also appeared in other films, music videos and dramas, including Project 313 and ER.

She is seemingly still active in the entertainment industry. Her Twitter Bio states she is an: “Actor. Writer. Herbalist. Activist.”

Chloe has spoken about how she got her role and how the “film undoubtedly changed the course of my life,” but she admits one thing hasn’t changed in those years – and that is her haircut.

She's joked about her blonde do to her thousands of followers on Instagram.

She told fans in a candid social media post that she was booked for the role, despite having no connection to the entertainment industry. At the time, she said her mum was struggling and at risk of losing their home.

Moreover, her mum was sceptical at first but eventually accepted the role from Universal Pictures two days later and their "lives changed at an instant".

Writing to her 4,000 Instagram followers a couple years ago, she said: “When I booked 8 Mile, I had never auditioned for anything before and had 0 ties to the entertainment industry.

"In fact, my mom was at risk of losing our house and didn’t know how we were going to make it to next month.⠀⠀⠀⠀

“When she answered the call from Universal on the new Nokia flip phone that they had given us, I was offered the role of Lily Smith.

"My sceptical and protective mom made Universal Pictures wait 2 days for her to think it over, but once we accepted, our lives changed in an instant.

“Filming was fun and local and we were truly too oblivious to the amazing opportunity and talent around us to be starstruck, so for months we filmed during the day and went home to normal life at night."⠀⠀

She continued: “When I think about times like this in my life, it can feel like a fairytale, a little unreal or like divine timing but I want to be transparent about the fact that no one's life path is linear.⠀⠀

“The best and worst times of my life have come and gone despite the opportunities of acting. For me, good fortune and unique experiences have coexisted alongside struggle, big problems, pain and the weirdness that comes along with living a “normal” life with abnormal societal expectations.

“In the end, this film undoubtedly changed the course of my life, I’ll always be grateful for that."⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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