GMBs Susanna Reids incurable tinnitus and why she thinks it happened

It is no secret that Susanna Reid is a tinnitus sufferer, with the ITV host often using her platform to speak about her battle on many occasions.

Back in 2015, the now 50-year-old TV star opened up about the condition on Good Morning Britain, explaining she had battled for a decade (at that time).

In a prior discussion, the newsreader gave her own reasoning for why she believed the illness had struck in the first place.

Susanna held a "difficult" childbirth with son, Finn, accountable for triggering sounds that were not coming from the outside world.

It is a condition that the TV star has just had to live with as there is currently no cure.

According to the website for the British Tinnitus Association, "there is no cure for tinnitus".

The charity also outlines there is no specific "certain definition of what tinnitus is" with the condition having "multiple sub-types" which sees treatments vary for each case.

With each sufferer responding to different treatment and it's cause still unknown, finding a cementing cure has proved to be "difficult" for specialists.

The British Tinnitus Association also adds that there is a "lack of funding and research" which isn't helping to stem the problem any time soon.

With the facts being presented by the charity, it is unlikely that Susanna will be cured of her illness in the near future.

Back in 2015, Susanna spoke openly about the condition during an episode of GMB.

Susanna had already been dealing with the problem for 10 years at this point and explained that she'd been frightened at first.

On the episode, she explained: "When I first started hearing it, which was probably about ten years ago, I became quite distressed that I would never hear silence again."

Two years previously, Piers Morgan's former on-screen wife pondered with the idea that her tinnitus could have been brought on as a result of a "difficult labour".

Adding that her suffering began following the birth of her son, Finn.

In 2018, Susanna confirmed that her suffering had worsened as she took to Twitter to detail the noises that were ringing in her ears.

Her tweet read: "My tinnitus is so loud right now. The noise you used to hear when TV programming finished at the end of the day? That. In my head."

Further information on tinnitus can be found over on the British Tinnitus Association website.

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