Gogglebox’s Stephen Webb jokes he’s got a ‘small willy’ during Naked Attraction

Gogglebox favourite Stephen Webb hilariously confessed during last nights episode that he had a "small willy" while reviewing Channel 4's Naked Attraction.

The Brighton-based hairdresser was watching the controversial programme alongside his husband Daniel Lustig when he landed the bombshell remark about his manhood.

Stephen, 48, was preparing to watch Anna Richardson's new fleet of contestants, when he revealed his biggest phobia and reason for never wanting to appear on the show.

Speaking to his husband he quipped: "If I was on there that screen would go up and people would roar with laughter at the size of my willy."

Continuing with the joke, he added: "They wouldn't be picking me.

"They'd be like what do you want me to do with that, pick me teeth with it?"

At which point Daniel found himself completely lost for words and simply began to cackle as he stroked their beloved pet poodle, who had joined the pair on the sofa, for a cuddle.

Meanwhile other stars of the show seemed to become agitated as the Naked Attraction theme tune began to play and bare flesh came into view.

Mary Killen shrieked, letting out a huge sigh while husband Giles Wood pretended to cover his eyes as the scandalous programme came on.

Pete Sandiford hoped for a line up "of girls" and was in luck when US contestant Connor took to screens looking for a love hopeful.

As the screen came up revealing the nether regions of six hopefuls, Connor became exceptionally keen, taking a squat position to get a closer view and wafting his head franticly from side to side as the coloured glass lifted.

At which point Tom Malone Sr quipped: "He's going to give himself whiplash, calm down!"

Connor later admitted his favourite sex position to host Anna, who then asked the girls to give their best attempt at "trotting" which caused numerous squeals from the Gogglebox cast.

With lots of flesh gyrating around, sisters Ellie and Izzi Warner were left totally flabbergasted.

Hiding her face away from the television, Ellie said: "OMG I can't cope with this. Has it stopped? Has it finished?"

To which Leeds-born sister Izzi joked: "There's t**s jiggling everywhere Ellie."

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