Green Day 'Wanna Go Where the Trouble Begins' in New Song 'Holy Toledo!'

Green Day have released new song “Holy Toledo!” The new track will appear in the upcoming film, Mark, Mary & Some Other People, which arrives in theaters and digitally on Friday.

The upbeat track opens with Billie Joe Armstrong declaring “I wanna go where the trouble begins.” The song throws caution to the wind from there. “Party favors/Sex with strangers/We don’t care what the neighbors say,” he sings. “If this is how it’s gonna end/Cause it feels alright/Baby let’s get sick again.”

“Holy Toledo!” follows previously released 2021 songs “Pollyanna” and “Here Comes the Shock.“

Last month, the group dropped a limited edition 7-inch vinyl featuring live recordings of “Basket Case” and “When I Come Around,” taken from Green Day’s 1994 BBC Radio 1 Evening Session performance available exclusively via their Oakland Coffee subscription site.

Mark, Mary & Some Other People was directed by Hannah Marks. The rom-com stars Ben Rosenfield (Mark) and Hayley Law (Mary), who fall in love and get married. Mary soon realizes she would like to see other people, so the young couple navigate an open relationship.

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