Hanson explain they were almost pulled apart during early days of their career

Chart-topping band Hanson have revealed the sweet story behind their new songs – as the brothers celebrate 25 years since their iconic nineties hit MMM…Bop.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson, then 17, 14 and 12 years old, had huge success with catchy pop singles MMM…Bop and Where's The Love back in the nineties, taken from their million-selling album The Middle of Nowhere, which propelled the teenage brothers to global fame and won them numerous awards.

During an exclusive interview with Daily Star, Taylor said: "We've been a band this year for 30 years. That's a long time – a lifetime.

"For a very long time it was a big deal, it was important – I was very conscious of it in the early years – of being very much one voice."

However, he added: "There was such an inclination early on especially to try and pull us apart. You're the lead singer, you're the rebel guitar player, you're the cute one."

Isaac added: "I remember when we were in the era of the Spice Girls, it was like, 'which version of Hanson are you?' – 'What nickname can we give you?"

However, this experience helped to make their bond stronger, with Taylor saying that their new release Red, Blue, Green owes much to their history, saying: "I think the openness to doing this project this way is only possible because of the history that has been there."

Red, Green and Blue comprises of three solo projects from the brothers and brings together the band's voices in a unique way – with a third of the album written and produced by each of them.

With the album marking a major milestone and celebrating the group's 30th anniversary, the brothers also said they hope it "allows people to say 'wow, I didn't expect that' or 'that makes me curious', that's important and especially now, I think that's really great."

Three singles were initially released from the album before its release, each sung by one of the brothers, including Child At Heart sang by Taylor, Write You A Song sang by Isaac and Don't Let Me Down, sang by Zac.

Isaac also revealed the sweet inspiration behind Write You A Song – his daughter, explaining: "She said to me 'daddy, you never write me any songs.'

It was a friend and musician Paul McDonald who then suggested the idea of writing a song for someone, with Isaac revealing the conversation he had with his daughter the day before, saying: "my daughter absolutely loved it."

"There's actually some video and audio of her singing it. It was a really personal one. I said, let's just put her in the video and let's just go on a daddy-daughter date – a really exaggerated version of that."

Meanwhile, drummer Zac's video for Don't Let Me Down features a few famous faces, with the band revealing that they have been lifelong friends with Malcolm in The Middle actor Frankie Muniz.

"That third song is totally funny. All about being tongue in cheek," said Taylor.

"Frankie Muniz was also a guest, he's been a friend for a long time, he's just amazing. Such a good guy.

"Surprise, Zak Meyers from Shine Down [who Taylor has also collaborated with in the past] makes an appearance."

They also revealed that the UK holds a special place in their hearts too, with the band excited to get back out on the road as part of their Red Green Blue World Tour, which visits Nottingham, Glasgow, Manchester, London, Bristol and Leeds in June 2022.

Taylor said: "Our journey beyond being this band from Oklahoma. I think about going to New York and London as like, oh my gosh, we've done this.

"Realising that we're living out the dream, so it's a blast to be doing some shows in the UK."


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