Harry may ‘go solo’ and follow Meghan’s podcast with his own, expert claims

Prince Harry may follow Meghan Markle by “going solo” and releasing a podcast of his own, a royal commentator has claimed.

The Duchess of Sussex released a teaser trailer yesterday (March 24) for her new podcast series, announcing that it will be called Archetypes and entail conversations with women.

In a short clip, Meghan says the podcast will “investigate the labels that try to hold women back, and feature conversations with women and experts about how these typecasts shape narratives”.

In the press release and teaser announced by the former actress, there was no mention of Prince Harry, despite the couple having signed up to a Spotify deal together under their Archewell banner.

But now, royal commentator Neil Sean has claimed that Harry may soon follow in his wife’s footsteps and launch his own series.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Neil noted: “We told you about Meghan going solo, and now we can tell you about Harry going solo too.

“Both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have finally galvanised themselves into action, so what can we expect from Prince Harry’s podcast?

“They’ve decided to split them up to try and get revenue streams going.

“For Harry, what we’re now told is that his podcast is going to focus on mental health, how to look after yourself, self-care, and basically how to survive in a very difficult world.”

Since leaving the Royal Family, Prince Harry has already taken on roles aligned to these themes, becoming a Chief Impact Officer with start-up BetterUp, and giving talks on mental wellbeing in the workplace.

And, Neil suggested that Harry might tackle these topics through interviews on his new podcast, which he claimed the prince is working on alongside his memoir.

“Meghan Markle will have her podcast out first; they’re going to test the waters, see how that goes, see how it looks. And then moving on from there, Prince Harry will follow,” he claimed.

After signing up to their original deal with Spotify together, Meghan and Harry had released two podcast episodes together under Archewell Audio, including a festive special.

And, reacting to the news of Meghan’s announcement, some royal watchers were unconvinced, rudely calling the project a “snoozefest” that has “been done before”.

Daily Star has contacted Meghan and Harry’s representatives for comment.

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