Inside Maddie and Tae’s friendship

Country music duo Madison “Maddie” Marlow and Taylor “Tae” Dye’s friendship runs deep. According to Country Fancast, Madison and Taylor became friends after sharing the same vocal coach in Dallas, Texas. Taylor told UMGNashville in 2019: “When we met…we were so young when we met. And we were just best friends. So, it was a learning process for us to be business partners, but best friends. And we found a great balance.”

In 2014, Maddie and Tae’s hit, “Girl in a Country Song,” skyrocketed the two to fame, per People. Maddie and Tae’s star power has continued to rise, and in November 2020, they got nominated for Vocal Duo of the Year at the 2020 CMA Awards. Although the group didn’t win (that honor went to Dan + Shay), their song, “Die From a Broken Heart,” hit No. 1 on the country charts in August 2020, according to Billboard.

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Maddie and Tae are growing together

Not only are Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye best friends and a hot duo in country music, but they also got married within months of each other. Maddie married Jonah Font in November 2019 in Tennessee, and the high school sweethearts from Texas tied the knot after eight years together, according to People. In February 2020, Taylor Dye and songwriter Josh Kerr tied the knot in Nashville, just months after announcing their engagement in September 2019, per People.

Sharing life experiences has informed Maddie and Tae’s music, as the pair explained to Us Weekly in April 2020, “Start Here was written between the ages of 15 through 18 and we wrote ‘The Way It Feels’ from ages 19 to 24. I feel like you can hear the changes we’ve experienced going from teenagers to adult women in the new record.”

Of course, fans can’t wait to see how these two evolve personally and creatively in the future. 

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