Joss Stone claims ADHD is ‘bo***cks’ and people with depression can self-cure

Joss Stone was slammed after claiming ADHD is “bo***cks” and people with depression can cure themselves.

The You Had Me singer, 33, reckons drug companies like to give names to people’s feelings so they can create drugs and make “millions”.

She sparked fury after adding it would be better for people to “just go into nature and hug a tree”.

On her A Cuppa Happy podcast, Joss said: “This makes me sound really terrible but I kind of grow tired of hearing people go, ‘I’ve got anxiety.

" There are people that do have those [problems] in a big way and there are some people that just need a diagnosis but there are issues that are quite physical and issues that are mental.

“If somebody is upset about something it’s probably because something upsetting has happened, its not because you have this ailment that you need to take drugs for.

“That makes me sound incredibly insensitive but you have to decide that’s not who you are. You have to take that on as you.”

She also claimed children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) just have a lot of energy.

The multi-millionaire songstress said: “Here in America I notice they give a lot of drugs to children that are running around a lot. The doctors say, ‘oh well he’s got ADHD’. It’s a lot of bo***cks. “They [the pharmaceutical companies]will give it a name, create a drug and millions.”

'It sounds like a conspiracy theory, but I do like to think that the guys who make those pills genuinely want people to feel better, I do like to think that.

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But some sufferers were fuming. Andrew Marlow said: “It’s not a choice it’s a permanent illness.”

Patrick Franks said: “No definitely NOT a choice!! It’s clinical!”

And a third commenter said: “She needs to apologise.”

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