Kardashians embarrassing photoshop fails – warped waists to Khloezilla

At any given point, millions of eyes are set firmly on the Kardashian family.

So if they did decide to doctor pictures they post online, you might expect them to lean towards subtle rather than severe when it comes to photoshop edits. After all, every image shared will be scrutinised by fans.

Surprisingly enough, that’s not been the case. Instead, Kim, Khloe, Kylie and co are constantly being called out for apparent photoshop blunders. And their millions of Instagram followers don’t hold back pointing them out.

Among the sultry snaps on their respective Instagram pages you’ll find a selection of photos where their wastes look just a little too small, or their boobs just a tad too big.

Here, we've taken a look at some of the most embarrassing alleged photoshop fails from one of the world’s most famous families.

Photoshopped Khloezilla

Back in 2017, Khloe hit us with an absolute classic. The star posted a black and white mirror selfie, showing off her trim figure and sportswear.

The 33-year-old proudly flaunted her washboard abs in a tiny sports bra and high-waisted leggings.

She added the caption: "I think I only work out so I can stuff my face for Taco Tuesday. P.S I have no idea why my abs look so strong in this pic, but I had to post so I don't feel so guilty about gorging tonight."

But as soon as she posted the photo, fans to the comments section to accuse the Kardashian of editing her picture, arguing that the right side of her waist had been visibly edited to appear trimmer.

One said: "Horrible Photoshop, Khloezilla." While another wrote: "Obvious Photoshop on your side, LMAO."

A third agreed: "The only thing I see is the weirdness happening at her waist…

"Would have been a good picture if she didn't try to Photoshop it."

Where’s Kim’s belly button?

Kim Kardashian gave us this alleged photoshop blunder last month, in April 2022.

She posted a series of stunning photos to her Instagram page, sporting a sports bra and tracksuit bottoms from her own SKIMS range and posing by an infinity pool in California.

But as fans gazed at her toned abs, they began to have one question: Where’s Kim’s belly button?

In fact, there was a distinct lack of anything that resembled a stomach.

One eagle-eyed fan commented: "You forgot to leave in your belly button!" While another wrote: "Skin looks weird too. Right?"

Another agreed: "Does anyone else thinks this looks hella edited."

Met Gala faux pa

Kylie Jenner was accused of doctoring her Met Gala photos to make her curves look more dramatic.

The reality TV star wore a floor-length dress for the 2016 extravaganza, which showed off her waist, but some believed her frame looked noticeably slimmer.

Photoshop expert Ruthie Darling told The Sun: "If you look at the green space between her arm and her waist, it appears slightly larger in her edited image.

"She most likely used the liquify tool to nudge her waist inward a bit. She also reduced the glare on her forehead by bringing down the exposure or highlights slightly."

Warped phone

Another from Kim here. A few months ago, the star uploaded a cute pouting selfie in her bathroom mirror to her 309 million followers.

Fans and family of the star flocked to the comment section to support Kim, with her sisterKhloe Kardashian,writing: "Best peace sign holder in town".

But many of the comments pointed out the same alleged blunder – Kim’s phone, which appeared in the mirror selfie, was warped, suggesting she had edited the photo.

One fan said: "Her phone is warped and I don’t understand why because she’s so beautiful."

Another commented: "Her phone case is warped on the top left corner (our left). It’s like pulled up a smidge. Why does she need to photoshop her cheekbones."

Other followers went on to explain that they believed she had used editing apps to alter her selfie to thin out her face and plump up her hair.

The whole family

A recent leaked promo photo for the newest series of the family’s new Hulu show had fans in uproar as they believed their waists had been edited.

Sisters Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, pregnant Kylie and mum Kris Jenner had just launched their new series The Kardashians and released a family shot for the show.

But fans said their waistlines looked totally different in the edited version of the promo, with one saying: "There’s obviously a ton of photoshop going on but it’s most obvious with all their waistlines.”

Another wrote: "They've smoothed out Khloe and Kourtney’s lower bellies."

Human emoji

In a close up pic from 2017, Kim was accused of editing her face to make herself appear darker-skinned and her features more refined.

The glam 37-year-old posted a stunning image with her hair scraped into a high ponytail, wearing a sports bra and staring into the camera.

But fans were convinced that the image was photoshopped, with fans asking "Are you trying to get darker?" and "You want to be Beyonce so much. You actually look like Beyonce here. Happy?"

Another wrote: “I actually thought this was a cartoon. Sell it right. Stay off the Photoshopping and filters."

One even served the damning blow: "Does this look like a real picture or is it from her emoji pack? I really can't tell.”

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