Kate Beckinsale, 47, flaunts ageless figure as she strips to bikini

Kate Beckinsale has shared a throwback video to wow her fans with her age-defying physique in a jaw-dropping bikini clip.

The 47-year-old actress donned a stunning maroon coloured two-piece bikini and a long white shawl as she stepped outside of a marble-paved property in high heels.

Posting on to her Instagram, she flaunts her tiny waist and her never-ending legs in confidence.

Her striking walk down the stairs apparently stuns the cameraman, who apparently falls into a cactus plant off camera.

The Underworld actress wrote: "This is a good example of what my mother would call 'walking as if one has bogged one's breeks'.

"And also of a short gay man silently falling into a cactus off camera. And also of exactly this time last year pre Covid. Buggering hell. Hang tough everyone."

Kate's army of 4.5 millions fans were quick to comment on her "goddess"-like appearance.

"You're just too awesome in so many facets," one fan wrote. "You look as young and pretty as you did 25 years ago!"

A second exclaimed: "Absolutely stunning! Totally Goddess."

A third added: "Looking gorgeous Kate! I would have fallen down the stairs and looked somewhat different in a brown bikini!"

During the pandemic, Kate has spent most of her time at home with her pets and sometimes, it has ended in an embarrassing blunder on camera.

In one recent clip, her long-haired moggie Clive was seen sitting on her stomach with half of his body tucked into her bottoms.

But it soon turned into a disaster when the feline's tail moved into an awkward position leaving her yelping in pain.

Kate joked: "Even though a ten pound cat down the trousers sounds like a good idea, apparently it’s overrated."

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