Kelly Brook’s x-rated antics -full frontal, lesbian romps and freeing the nipple

With her hour-glass figure and sizeable funbags, it's no wonder Kelly Brook was voted FHM's Sexiest Woman in the World.

After busting onto the scene in 1997, the voluptuous vixen quickly became a Daily Star Page 3 favourite and appeared in FHM's Sexiest countdown every single year before it shut in 2015.

And over the years Kel and her 34DDs have brought the world some seriously sexy moments, setting pulses racing with coquettish shoots, underwater lesbian snogs and even full-frontal nudity.

Here, Star Online remembers the hottest times Kel, 40, sent temperatures soaring…

Model behaviour

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Born Kelly Parsons, the stunning stage school student found fame when her mum entered her into a modelling competition aged 16.

Ad campaigns for Fosters, Walkers and Bravissimo followed before she was snapped up by a glamour modelling agency.

Kel quickly reinvented herself with a brand new surname and became one of the Daily Star's most popular Page 3 pin-ups, winning an army of lusty fans with her sexy displays.

And she credited her childhood days as a ballerina for her killer body.

“I did 10 years of ballet every single day – it means I’m quite strong and toned underneath," she said.

"So if I put on a bit of weight, it doesn’t take long to get it back. All that muscle memory goes a long way.”


Kelly isn't one to shy away from freeing the nipple.

And contrary to those who consider glamour modelling to be about female oppression, the Kent-born vixen considers it to be quite the opposite.

“Feminism is about being who you want to be and having choices," she previously said.

“If that choice is to be a glamour model, that’s empowering because it’s your decision. That’s the whole point of feminism.”

Ahoy there!

Well hello sailor!

Kelly's curves might have the ability to bring traffic to a standstill, but once upon a time she had no idea her body was attractive.

"I was unaware people might look at me in a sexual way," she once said. "I dressed the same as everyone else, but my curves made me different.

"I found glamour modelling embarrassing to begin with, but that was part of my success," she continued.

"I had the body of a porn star and this innocent, dumb-looking face."

Back in the nineties, Kate Moss and the 'waif' look were all the rage, making it hard for Kel to find work as a catwalk model.

But the beauty and her curves soon found a happy home.

"My boobs have been a blessing and a curse. My body wasn’t fashionable in the 90s, that’s why I worked so much with lads’ mags," she said.

"They embraced my curves, whereas the fashion mags were like, ‘Oh no, strap them down!’ Men celebrate curves. Women should do that more, I think."

Deep sea love

Kelly got hot and heavy with porn star Riley Steele in horror movie Piranha 3D, and admitted they had a 'lot of practice' before hand.

"It was really difficult. Holding your breath while making out with someone as hot as Riley Steele. I had to learn to hold my breath for a very long time," she told The Sun.

The naked romp won the 2010 Top Nude Scene award from in recognition of its 'quality'.

Founder Jim McBride said: "The quality of the nude scene was spectacular and stood out far above the rest."

Full frontal

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There was no shame in Kelly's game when she stripped off for US sitcom One Big Happy.

Starring as British barmaid Prudence, the script revolved around her fiancé Luke (Nick Zano) having a baby with his lesbian best friend Lizzy (Elisha Cuthbert).

And peeling off her clothes to reveal her birthday suit, Kelly questioned: "How would I do on the lesbian market? I don't think I've ever been appraised."

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