Kym Marsh devastated as dad fights for his life after delayed cancer check

Kym Marsh has received some heartbreaking news – her dad, Dave, has been diagnosed with an incurable form of prostate cancer, following a delayed check-up.

The 76-year-old, who battled prostate cancer once before, was informed the disease has spread to other parts of his body, to his pelvis, spine, ribs and left leg.

Kym has since issued a plea to her fans, urging them to get regular checks for cancer, highlighting the life-saving importance of an early diagnosis.

Speaking to The Sun, Kym, 45, said: "It has been a very difficult time, I can't deny that, but we have always been very close as a family and so we have been able to talk together and plan for the future which is important."

Describing the spread of the disease, Kym said it was "bad news," but hoped medics could prolong her father's life.

"At this stage, doctors are talking about it being incurable, but it is treatable and the hope is that they may be able to extend his life — but by how much, nobody really knows, and he is in discomfort," she said.

"I think in his mind he has a target. He hasn't really shared exactly what that is but he has done a lot of research himself — even though I told him not to — and he knows the statistics in terms of how long he might be able to fight this."

The former Coronation Street star pointed out there has been a dramatic decline during the lockdown in the number of men referred to hospital for prostate cancer treatment.

Though he was reluctant to visit his GP, Dave's wife Pauline urged him to go to the doctor to get his prostate checked, resulting in the diagnosis.

On Thursday, Kym and her dad Dave will appear on Morning Live to discuss his diagnosis, encouraging frequent checks.

Battling the disease, Dave uses a mobility scooter, with his concerned daughter explaining he is in "a lot of pain".

However, the proud dad is determined to keep fighting the disease to walk Kym down the aisle, following her recent engagement.

As a birthday surprise last week, Kym's partner, serving Army major Scott, got on bended knee, asking for her hand in marriage.

Dave, who has thanked his family for their support throughout his treatment, has admitted it "means the world" to him to witness Kym's wedding day.

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