Lisa Appleton Sex Doctor: ‘I can’t stop having sex with my married ex’

Lisa Appleton is back sharing her tips and tricks to help spice up the sex lives of Daily Star readers.

The Big Brother bombshell, who recently took part in a Daily Star Facebook Live session, where she gave her views on the latest news, is helping a woman this week who can't stop having sex with her married ex.

We wonder what Lisa will have to say about this one!

'I can’t stop having sex with my married ex'

Dear Lisa

My ex-boyfriend and I dated for five years after meeting during our last year at university.

It was undoubtedly the best relationship I’ve ever been in.

We never argued, he was always a gentleman and he always managed to make me laugh.

To be honest, he was a breath of fresh air of the string of idiots before him.

However, we called time on our relationship four years ago, as he was desperate to get married and start having babies, but I just wasn’t ready and wanted things to continue being fun and relaxed.

We parted ways amicably, but hadn’t spoken at all up until very recently.

I went back to my old university town to meet up with a couple of pals and saw him on a night out at one of our old haunts.

We spent all night drinking and catching up and we had the best time.

But one thing led to another and we ended up having sex – it was phenomenal.

However, the next morning he didn’t seem himself and started to panic. He revealed to me he had recently got married to someone but he was already having second thoughts.

I felt so guilty that I had unknowingly slept with a married man, but following our rendez-vous, I couldn’t get him out of my head.

We have met up a few times since and the sex just keeps on getting better.

Now, I’m a few years older too, I think I’m ready for that next stage of commitment with him.

He’s said he doesn’t love her like he loves me and wants to be with me but is scared about breaking his wife’s heart.

I really want to be with him but I don’t want to be a home wrecker, should I encourage him to leave his wife or walk away now?



Lisa says:

It's a difficult one because you're both so into each other and you never argued and the sex was amazing and your relationship was really good.

You were just a little bit young and he wanted something you weren't ready for.

But now you are ready for that and you've bumped into him and fate obviously brought you both together and you're now having sex again, even though he's revealed he's married.

I mean, on his part, it's not very good as he's only just got married and if you really love someone and get married you don't sleep with anyone else.

His marriage will probably break down by the sound of it, as he's only just got married and he's already sleeping around.

She will probably find out.

I think you should probably back off a bit, as he's having his cake and not eating it and telling you he's not happy.

It's easy for him to say 'I'm not happy in my marriage' and give you the hope but i think realistically, he's frightened of hurting his wife.

You're also frightened of being a home-wrecker – it's just going to cause a load of stress and that's the last thing you want.

Just be very careful as you could get hurt, so just give it some space and time and don't take his word for it and don't count on potentially false promises.

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