Love Island’s Faye Winter willing to date younger men, but no teenagers

Love Island star Faye Winter is opening herself up to falling in love on television – but she's set an age limit for her prospective beau.

The lettings agent, 26, refuses to date anyone under 20, and mid-thirties is the cap on her threshold when it comes to romantic suitors.

Ahead of the show's launch on June 28, the Devonshire beauty admitted hitting an age milestone – her mid-twenties – had inspired her to take part in the series.

Speaking to Daily Star and assorted press, she said: "Unfortunately I am on the other side of 25, we are the other side of that cliff, so we do need to find that man."

Hoping for a boyfriend she can settle down with, Faye has an open mind when it comes to men, and admitted a younger man could match her in terms of maturity.

"I have met young men that act a lot older and I have met older men that act like teenagers," she said.

"So for me, I'd say probably 20 [would be her limit]. I think twenties are okay. We don't want a teenager, can't do teenagers."

As for older men, she confessed "probably mid-thirties" would be the oldest she would be willing to date.

While Faye is hoping to form some strong friendships with the women in the villa, she isn't afraid to stake her claim on the man of her dreams.

"I have a lot of friends at home and I have very good friendships," she said.

"For me, I wouldn't step on my friends' toes – however, everyone does need to remember we are going into Love Island."

Faye added: "I think you don't get anywhere unless you go after what you want."

Comparing her job as a swish lettings agent in Devon to Netflix real estate hit Selling Sunset, Faye is keen to return to work when filming wraps.

The property whizz took annual leave and a sabbatical from work in order to take part in the competition, with her boss supporting her all the way.

While she's keen to make a splash on the show, she doesn't want to jeopardise her professional reputation with her hi-jinks.

She said: "One massive thing that I have gone into this show knowing is, I knew that if I left the show on the first day and I went back to my normal life, I would be absolutely fine with that. I would love that.

"My worst case scenario is my best case scenario, that I leave the villa, I go back to my normal job, back to my friends and family. Anything else that’s added to that is a positive, but it's not why I’m doing the show. "

And, when it comes to her dream man, two dishy celebs have caught her eye – "Zac Efron, corr fit, or Antony Joshua, corr fit. I would eat them both," she said.

Will Faye find an Antony Joshua lookalike in the Mallorcan sunshine?

Love Island starts at 9pm Monday 28th June on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

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