Love Island’s Hugo turned off by fake boobs or fillers and wants a ‘real woman’

Love Island has often featured contestants on previous series that may have been under the knife or who have had filler of Botox, but new entrant Hugo Hammond claims he's not into the 'fake" look.

Talking candidly about what he's attracted to, the PE teacher openly discussed the attributes that turns him off with the opposite sex.

Hugo, 24, said: "When someone's on their phone all the time, when they are literally glued to it. You're literally talking to two people at the same time because they're just glued to it. So that's definitely one I look out for.

"Fake as well. I'm not too keen, whether that be physically or personality wise. So that's a turn off," he added.

When probed further on this and asked whether fillers or fake boobs was not his cup of tea, Hugo agreed.

The Love Island hunk said: "Erm, yeah I guess so. Yeah sure."

With regards to what turns him on, Hugo said: "Someone I can be myself around."

He added: "Someone who can make me laugh and just have a laugh with and be on that same level and enjoy each others' company. That's what turns me on."

Hugo will become Love Island's first disabled contestant to appear on the show, but before signing up to be a contestant on the popular reality programme, he taught PE in schools.

When asked about his thoughts on his pupils watching him on Love Island, the fitness fanatic said: "The show airs at 9pm, so the older lot I teach might not be watching it.

"A lot of my seniors that I work with broke up at half term, so I haven't seen them for a few weeks anyway."

He continued: "I'm sure they're going to be shocked when they see me on there, but hopefully they'll support me and have a laugh with it.

"Yeah, It will be a good time," he chuckled.

Hugo also admitted that he would consider going back into teaching once the show came to an end.

"It's definitely something I want to stay connected with, I absolutely love my job and helping kids reach their potential and engage in physical activity," he explained.

"We're all very much aware of the benefits of that whether that be physically as well as on their mental health. I love being the facilitator of that.

"It was my training year this year, so I'm not affiliated to a specific school when I go back in September. So again, I have to see what happens from this great opportunity and then go from there.

"But yeah it's definitely something down the line I would love to stay in touch with."

Love Island returns to screens on Monday 28th June at 9pm on ITV2.

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